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VIC Parking at Work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Lugo, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I recently started a new job (beginning of Dec'12) and have since been parking out the front of the building, approximately 8m or so from the front door, between bollards in place to protect the windows. I have done so for security sake (I can see the bike from inside the building) and being between bollards it is completely out of the way of where any customer may be walking.

    Just today on my way out I have been told not to park there, and to park down the back of the car park where blue lines are (this is a blue line that runs in front of the spaces, otherwise normal white line parking, not marked as staff parking etc), as this is company associate parking. Now I didn't say or question anything, just murmured ok on my way out as the manager is question was walking past and didn't stop for the conversation anyway.

    For one I can't even understand why it's an issue where it is, but also I don't feel comfortable leaving the bike unattended for hours, sometimes after dark parked 50m or more away from the building where it's more likely to be tampered with or damaged as I'd have to park in a normal parking space to park that far away.

    I understand that in the regulations for parking on the footpath I need to be at least 1m away from the building, and not obstructing pedestrians, so if I was to compromise and move further away from the doors, and meet those regulations is there anything they would be able to say that could be backed up and get me in the shit? I can't find anything in the EBA regarding parking so as far as I can tell I haven't agreed at all to park miles away from the building and as such should be entitled to it despite being an employee there.

    Any info on the situation would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Where does this manager park? If it fits with his rules take the entire spot with your bike.
  3. Just to clarity, this is s legal place to park that any Joe blow could ride up and park in?
  4. This particular manager was parked in the area he told me to. The rest I wouldn't have a clue, don't know what they drive. We have 5 or 6 mangers all up. That said a lot of the staff park at the front of the car park and don't get told otherwise.

    In respect to legality, yes any random person could ride up and park there, and on most days they do. Possibly only because my bike is there usually, but there's been a couple of occasions when a bike has already been there when I arrive at work.
  5. And to clarify further, is this area at the front part of the property, or is it the council owned footpath?

    Could you park a little further up the street, ie not right in front of the building? I realise you still won't be able to see the bike, but at least it won't be secluded at the back of the carpark.
  6. It's a hardware complex, much like Bunnings in it's setup to paint an image. So the car park and paths and everything are there entirely for the purpose of this one building. My understand was as it provides public access it's governed by the same rules as public roads, paths etc.
  7. Not necessarily true, for example Melbourne Airport is all private property. I think I vaguely recall someone saying you can contact the council or something to find out, someone in Vic may be able to shed more light?

    Also, is the manager a knob, or would they be open to a reasonable chat? They wouldn't know the rules for bike parking if they don't ride, maybe you could come to an agreement? Alternatively, if there's another manager higher up the food chain who gives you explicit permission to park there?

    Another option if you're allowed to have your phone, there are some security systems that can text you if your bike is being touched, may ease your worries about parking so far away.

    I missed the part about new job, so antagonizing the manager, while fulfilling, is probably not ideal. Leaves you with 2 options. If, after research, it's legal to park there, explain that to them, or get explicit permission from someone else to park there who outranks the knob. Failing that you'll have to park in the car park (i.e. if it is not legal and you get permission).

    But yeah, if you have to park in the car park I'd be taking a full spot.
  8. Building owner or representative of, has the right to direct STAFF not to park at the front of the building and to park in designated parking. If you have an issue with this direction, refer the matter to your direct manager or HR.

  9. its your manager , you cant park there but you could probally park on the oposite side of the road so its not your managers business. some managers are duche bags , i had the same issue when i worked for a school , they told me to park somewhere else so i did shrug not much you can do
  10. Take up a full car park spot, the closest one to the building that staff are allowed to park in. Pretty sure someone along the line will sook up about it, then point out about parking out the front.
  11. Ask them if they'll put in some kind of lock down device in the parking lot for the bike or if you can.
  12. Hmm.. if that's the case then I suppose I have little choice, I'll just take a full spot up like people have suggested.

    The manager in question isn't my direct line manager, he's the Safety and Asset manager (SAM), and I've actually worked with him at a previous job in the past. We've never had any issues and usually get along just fine, but he's one of those people that once he tells you something you're pretty well stuck with it.

    I could talk to the store manager, but she would likely just refer me back to the SAM. First signs of it being tampered with by anyone though and I'll be parking it up front regardless.
  13. When I was about 19, my manager directed me to park in a specific location away from the front of the business because he didn't like me being there. I chose to ignore him because there was nothing about parking in the EBA or company policy. He subsequently directed me to GTFO and not come back, citing my generally shitty know-it-all attitude. Lesson learnt.
  14. Not to question you, just curious where this info comes from. Your usually good at providing a source for you data
  15. No source mate, just commonsense. What authority exists which forbids management from issuing such a directive? I'm not aware of any.

    Identical example with Monash University and their guidelines on the matter:

    On Campus Motorcycle Parking

    From time to time complaints are received from staff, students and visitors to our campuses relating to obstruction, noise, fumes and ground damage caused by some motorcycles being driven or parked in close proximity to our on campus facilities.

    In Victoria there are some legal concessions available to motorcycle riders regarding parking in 'public places'. Whilst university campuses are largely regarded as public places they are in fact private property and the owner (university) has legal and other responsibilities to its students, staff and visitors including safety and preservation of the amenity for intended uses. Additionally, in respect to vehicle parking, the university has statutory powers to assist the management of all vehicles on our campuses.

    To help provide a safe, orderly environment and to minimise the impact of vehicles, particularly on inner campus areas, the university seeks to encourage all motorcycle riders to play their part by considering and adopting some simple practices when parking on Monash University campuses.


    o Do not ride on the pedestrian footpaths or on grassed areas in close proximity to campus buildings. These are not intended or constructed for vehicular use. Engaging in this practice may pose a serious risk to yourself and others, create an unreasonable level of noise and damage to campus grounds. Please switch off your motorcycle and walk.

    o Do not park where signs indicate that motorcycles/vehicles may not park.

    o Do not park on nature strips, garden beds or grassed areas.

    o Do not park opposite any vehicle parking bay reserved for people with disabilities, bus stops, taxi ranks or loading bays. This may present difficulties for others entering/exiting vehicles.

    o When considering whether to park, particularly on footpaths or around buildings, consider the impact this may have on visual or mobility impaired persons.

    o Do not obstruct building entrances, emergency or other exits, or park beneath building stairwells (This may interfere with building evacuations and emergency services access).

    o Do not park on or near service access points, such as electrical supply boxes, fire hydrants, manhole covers, post boxes or rubbish bins.

    o Ensure you can park at least one motorcycle wheel diameter back from the road kerb, to allow pedestrians free access to and from the road.

    o If your motorcycle is leaking oil, you should only park where permitted in roadside motorcycle bays or against the road kerb.

    o Consider university community activities in the area, ie. Graduations, markets, student functions, and the impact motorcycle parking may have on the safety and amenity of the immediate area.

    Note the university does not accept liability for any damage, loss or injury arising in respect of any private vehicle on university property. This responsibility remains with the vehicle owner.

    The university supports the responsible parking of vehicles on its campuses and compliance with relevant legislation. With this in mind, we encourage you to use the designated on campus motorcycle parking areas (see campus map for preferred locations).

    Vehicles parked on campus contrary to legislation may be issued with a parking infringement notice.

    The other option is to ignore the direction and see if the matter escalates. Let them put the ramifications of ignoring the request to you in writing ;)

  16. Hey mate... I don't know your rights from a legal perspective, but I am an over protective bike owner :)

    I park in public parking every day, in the city.. You just can't sweat too much about it. We leave our cars, yes?

    Of course it would be horrible if something happened, but I find most car drivers are scared to go near bikes and other bike owners are always respectful.

    Try not to worry too much, if it needs to be parked away just lock your steering, use a wheel lock if you want and don't worry - most people are good, sometimes were unlucky. I hope you have nothing but luck :)

  17. Park in your office
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  18. Haha Mick, I like that :D

  19. It is win win all round !
  20. Lugo Mate, this must have been a nightmare story for you to post without video of the incident. Not even stills. I guess the movie must be coming. Can't wait.