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Parking at Sydney airport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smokeydaw, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. Hi : anybody out there have any experience of parking at Sydney airport? And possibly leaving it overnight?

  2. have you used this brad? i'm flying to queensland for two nights and was wondering how safe it is?
  3. Nope, ain't used it. Would expect it to be about the safest parking on the street area. Traffic through there at all times of the night.

    Only time I take the bike to the airport is to get a car out of the carpark for dirt cheap.

    i.e. a mate will park his car in the short term carpark. Go away for a week. I'll rock up on the bike, get the ticket, give it to him. He'll use the ticket to pay the cheap price, and I'll just ride out :) Done it twice so far.
  4. Have been doing regular business travel to Melb. Thinking of riding to Sydney Airport instead of catching the cab. Spoken to the car park manager last week who advised no lockers are provided at domastic airport. He further advised not to leave any gears in the car park as it is unsafe.

    Anyone has a suggestion of where to keep the gears? it is no fun of carrying them for th trip. Thanks.
  5. I use this when ever I leave leave my car at the airport for a quick weekend interstate outing. Its very convenient.


    Dunno how it works for bikes though, email them.
  6. Thanks Mickyb, just had a chat with a guy by the name of Phil from the car park. They charge the same rate for Bike but have to make special arrangement for keeping the gears. Will try them next time when I am travelling. Thanks again.