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Parking at railway stations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Gobberwart, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Would you?

    As a new rider who works in the Melbourne CBD, right now I can't picture myself ever riding into work. Too scary at the moment. Maybe that will change some day, but right now I drive the 4km to the train station each day and back, and I think it'd make a great ride, since there are a number of different ways I could do it, even going a bit out of my way each time just for practice.

    The thing is, there are no bikes parked at the station, and I think there must be a good reason for it, so I'm wondering what the reason is. Theft? Vandalism? Something else?

    The station in question is Ringwood East in Melbourne. Not a lot of obvious bogan vandals hanging around there, but I grew up in the neighbourhood many years ago, and boredom might be a factor.

    If you do ride to the train station and back, what do you do with your riding gear? Take it with you on the train, or something else?
  2. The reason you don't see motorcycles parked at the station is because it is more economical to just ride the motorcycle into the city, park in front of the office doors and just walk straight in. No need to buy train tickets or parking ticket...
  3. Fair point, but if you're a total noob who's scared shitless of city traffic, like this friend of mine whose name, coincidentally, is also Gobberwart. What then?
  4. it would be even more economical to walk to the train station wouldn't it?
  5. I've contemplated this myself. I commute into the cbd everyday but its seriously a big learning curb for a newbie (I'm new too buddy). If I thought my bike would have been safe at the station, I would have rode half way and parked there for the first month.
  6. Well yeah, and I could use the exercise, but I need the riding practice. It's about 4km each way if I go by the shortest route, but I could make it 5-10 if I was creative.
  7. Did you end up biting the bullet and just commuting to the city from Chaddy?
  8. I wouldn't park my bike at ringwood station, especially at night. 4km just get a bicycle id say..

    but u should be fine riding to the city with a bit more practice
  9. i also wouldnt park it there :)

    either walk/pushie it, or just get out there and give going into the city on the bike a shot... if you can, try in the middle of the day, sometime out of peak... will help with confidence with (hopefully) a bit less traffic!
  10. Not Ringwood, guys. Ringwood East. It's the same thing, just more upper-class :p I wouldn't park a 1976 Datsun 120Y at Ringwood. Well, I did once, never again.

    I'm not looking for exercise here, or cheap parking, or saving petrol or anything like that, I'm looking for a reason to ride my bike on a daily basis to get experience, so I'm just wondering about people who ride their bike to a train station and commute. Or don't and why they don't. So I can judge whether I should try it or not.

    As you say in your sig, enigma, the destination is but an excuse for the journey :)

    I just want to know:

    1. Is it a REALLY bad idea, or is it feasible?
    2. If it's feasible, what do I do with my riding gear?
  11. Just take a day (or more) off work and devote it to riding. :)
  12. Now THAT is a brilliant idea! Anyone in Melb want to keep me company to make sure I don't get my arse-bone accidentally connected to my hat-bone?
  13. Maybe evaluate what's giving you the fear factor first. Merging? Changing lanes? Bumper to bumper traffic? Turning off the road into work? Stopping/starting at lights? Trucks? then go from there.

    I don't know if there's anyone in your area that is willing to get up early so you can trail them in for your first go. It's alot easier having someone more experienced leading the way - it definately helped me.
  14. Honestly? Everything right now. I'm SERIOUSLY new to this. I got my L's just over a week ago and I'm still waiting for my first road bike to arrive (paid the deposit on it yesterday).

    I've ridden dirtbikes for a couple of years (only about 20 hours actual riding) but that's a totally different ball-game, and this is something I *REALLY* want to do, so I figure start slow, learn the skills and get the hang of it before getting right into the thick of it.

    I was thinking the station ride for a few weeks would be a nice way to ease into it, but a day or two of full-on RIDING might also be a good start. If someone's interested in spending a day or two with me to help me get going, I'd be very keen.
  15. ...but to answer your questions..

    1. Yes, it's feasable, but you run the risk of having your bike pinched. Make sure it's insured if you really want to do this.
    2. Unless you have a lockable top box you'll have to take your gear with you. It won't be there when you return if you don't. Carrying all that s*%t is a PITA.

    Seriously, if you get a month or so of solid riding under your belt, you'll wonder why you even considered it. You'll be heading straight into the city and parking on the footpath outside your workplace.
  16. Ride you bike wherever you like. It is your bike after all.
    However I reckon you would get more benefit going for a longer ride before or after work.

    There is a reason so many cars get knocked off from Railway Stations. People are creatures of habit and tent to park in nearly exactly the same place everyday. it is not difficult to notice a car that sits all on its lonesome for over 8 hours a day so a bike will stick out like dog balls.

    With your gear... you will be carrying that into town with you. A locked box on a bike is not good if the whole bike goes as well.

    Get a clapped out pushie and ride it to the station, get fit in the meantime, enjoy longer riders after work.
  17. I find that you learn so much in your first week, month, that you build enough confidence to be riding into work after a month. But in the meantime, your better off riding into Box Hill where there's a shopping centre rather then an isolated station like Ringwood East. Or, even better, you can ride to a zone 1 station with a shopping centre, or near an office complex where everyone parks their bikes out the front, that way you save on a train ticket as well.
  18. I tend to ride into the city, unless its peak hour. Otherwise I'll just train it in as its alot less hassle even though it does work out to be more expensive.
    I wouldn't park at a train station, too many idiots around.
  19. If you've never been on the road yet, then maybe everything will change when your baby is in your posession and you go on your first ride. I was scared shytless too (7 whole weeks ago) - only having Sat and Sun to learn everything before I had to ride to work (no public transport in the area).

    Finding a less travelled route (avoiding the highway) and leaving a couple hours early - (still do actually- to practice slow turns, u-turns, gear shifting etc outside work till the boss comes in) helped calm the nerves.

    anyway, long story short, I'm now riding on the highway and in heavy traffic without a second thought - (thanks crisis (y)) - which 6 weeks ago I never thought would happen.
  20. Ride around the block first and slowly open more roads up as you become more confident. I suggest not parking at the station...just because it is so much easier to pinch.

    Get the bike, go out to Saturday morning practice session and gain some more confidence.