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Parking at Melbourne Airport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fusion, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Parking at Tullamarine Airport

    Howdy all,

    long time listener, first time poster....

    Just a quick question; Is anyone aware of a parking area for bikes at Tullamarine airport and where it is located?

    I've heard of people being fined for leaving their bikes unattended on the footpath outside the terminals. I think Sydney airport provides a separate parking area for bikes close to the terminal, however I cant seem to find any info on Tulla.

    I couldn't find any info on their website specific to bikes and a fine for parking on the footpath would work out to be one expensive parking ticket...
  2. in the southern car park (short term area) there is a parking bay for motorcycles.
    you will have to look around for it but its on the ground floor .
    dont park on the footpaths .

    better signage for the bay will be coming shortly .
  3. Why not park it in the normal car park and ride around the boom gates at the automated exit gates?

    Not that i'm telling people to be dishonest or anything :shock: can you imagine :roll:
  4. thats why they have short boom gates, so you can get an mc passed without having to raise the gate.
  5. I always park the bike near the car rental section. Follow the signs to the car rentals and as you go into that section, go left. There is marked bike parking there and the bonus is that it's under 24 hour surveillance. I have left the bike there and flown to Sydney for a weekend and came back without any hassles.
  6. parking

    :D well,first of all the airport parking officers r like toy cops!!!!
    iv been parking my bike for the last 2 years @ the bottom level carpark. :)
    :shock: when entering the carpark follow the sign stating "RENTAL CARS" its slip lane which is on the right side.
    :shock: u can also park the bike in a normal carpark,the boom gates r designed for bikes to go through.
    :D :D :D
  7. And it's free! :D
  8. Thanks guys! much appreciated!
  9. Hello all

    I am off to Sydney for the day tomorrow and am considering riding the bike to the airport. I recall seeing many motorcycles parked close to the exit area of the short term multi-level carpark. Do you have to pay to park there, or is there a way to get a bike in and out without paying, in other words what are the requirements for parking there? I am also worried about my bike gear, does the airport have lockers that can be hired for the day?

    hopefully someone here has done this and can let me know all the ins & outs.

    thanks in advance

  10. Unless things have changed recently, I go around the boomgate into the short-term car park and find a spot. Then I go around the exit boomgate (this is actually a bit harder as there's less clearance). No problems - never had a note left on my bike or anything.
  11. Lockers are available for hire within the airport, but only in the international terminal section I believe?

    The search function linked to at the top of each page is your friend :wink:
  12. http://www.melbourne-airport.com.au/passengers/ says...

    Self-storage lockers are temporarily unavailable at Melbourne Airport. If you would like to leave your luggage, there are facilities available in the International Arrivals Hall.

    Rates are as follows per 24 hours per piece:
    - Hand luggage $5
    - Suitcase/Backpack/Golf Clubs $10
    - Skis/Bicycles/surfboards $15
  13. As an aside, parking rules within MEL come under a federal airports Act and its subsequent regulations. The missus got done for parking in a bus zone (the arse end of the Commode was protruding into it). The cheque is to be made payable to "Melbourne Airport". Or we can ring up and pay them via Visa. It appears that it has nothing to do with the Traffic Office that processes normal fines, etc., nor any local government.

    So, Vicroads rules may not apply when it comes to parking bikes on footpaths, etc. Best not take the chance and abide by the rules that are in place. ie: park in the designated bike zones, etc..
  14. I saw they have around 10 or more motorbike parking spots near the Short-term Parking exit.

    I think you can park your bike there without getting and fine, but I am not sure will they check you have been there more than 24 hrs or not.
  15. I've ridden my bike to the airport, left it in the car rental area (there are designated bike parking spaces there) and flown to Sydney for the weekend. Came back 2 days later and the bike was waiting patiently for me :D
  16. Thanks everyone, your replies have been very helpful.

    Take it easy!

  17. good

    thats correct,i work @ the airport and thats where i park my bike.its fairly safe there. :p

  18. Except that the carpark is privately owned hence up to the discretion of the car park owners. Tbey won't charge bikes as they don't take up a parking space. They always tell you to park the bike sensibly and not put it in front of any pedestrian accessways etc.
  19. Parking at the airport

    At Melbourne airport there is a motorcycle parking area in the short term parking area. Does anybody know if you are required to pay the normal parking rate for a car or is the parking free?
  20. No you don'tneed to pay there is an area near the terminal enterance for parking bikes that is under cover. I have left my bike there a couple of times once when I went to QLD for a few days.