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Parking at imax on Friday nite?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Thumperpilot, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Where's a good safe place to park the bike at/near imax in Darling Harbor on a Friday night?

    I found the bike parking on the corner of Sussex and Druitt from the Sydney Council map but I never go into the city and have no idea how safe it will be there.

    Is there anywhere closer to imax that's safe? ..or even further away, so long as I don't come back to a tipped over or vandalised bike... or a stolen bike! It's only a 25 year old fj1200, but it's all I have and I love that bike.
  2. Right out the front.;)
  3. yeh bud, the area at sussex & druitt will be fine.
    i parked there for years and worst ive ever had was a stolen bike cover during the day.
    its chockaz during the day but from 5pm it really clears out so you shouldnt have to worry about it being tipped over or scumbags parking too close.

    a parking station could arguably be a little bit safer. just cruise along kent st or sussex st and you'll see a couple that are still pretty close to imax.