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Parking at Crown

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Just thought I'd share the response I received from Crown regarding motorcycle parking.....shame it arrived three days too late for me :roll:

    :D :D :D

  2. Why too late? What happened?
  3. :D :D :D[/quote]

    i am guessing from this line that she recieved some nice little PAY ME NOW parking tickets :)
  4. Nothing like that....Dave and I had to park in one of those areas where the bikes may have been interfered with :evil: I sent the email last week when I booked tickets for Land of the Dead at Crown and wanted a response before Friday night to no avail....

    :D :D :D
  5. I am shocked that you got a real and helpful resonse from an actual person and not an indian call centre!

  6. ....so was I! :shock: :)

    :D :D :D
  7. I wish i had known about this about 6 months ago!
    It was just starting to piss down with rain (torrential downpour!), and i was meant to be seeing a movie at Crown... soaked as i may be. Rode down into the usual underground car-park i go into with the cage and got told to cough up the usual amount. To say the least i was pissed off... and accidentally let the traction go on the rear wheel on my way out in disgust (yeah, it's possible on a 2 fiddy - but in this case on wet, slicked, painted, concrete :p).

    I must go and research this staff car park off Haig St.
  8. Anyone know if this is still valid?
  9. i think so, this os the street leading to the multi-level carpark..

    you cant miss all the bikes parked on the left if entering via clarendon st
  10. It's still there.
  11. That's great to know. I usually back my bike up to one of the windows of the Asian restaurant opposite the Exhibition Centre. They don't like it so much when I'm with my mate and his CBR900 with Megacycle exhaust.
  12. Evader, if you dally too long you'll get a visit from a security gaurd telling u to move on. That is not Crowns preferred place for bikes.
  13. Yeah I got told to move along from parking at the front door near the taxi rank once. So far, so good at the restaurant. I'll keep the new parking in mind though.
  14. This reply from Crown is interesting as I used to park where it describes regularly until I had a security guard tell me it was a staff only space and I can't park there. I stopped going to Crown Cinema as a result.

    I might try it again and woe to any guard who looks twice at me.
  15. It's actually a shit place to park because it's a long walk to get into crown from there. It's fine for staff since that's their entrance.

    Park over at Jeff's shed.
  16. Yeah, I checked it out, said "bugger that" and parked at the exhibition centre. Then I found out the twats now charge for checking in a helmet, but won't let you onto the casino with one if you don't check it in… so I had to go to the escalator, up stairs, then to a diff escalator to get down to the poker room, where they're far less retarded and will let you bring in whatever you want.
  17. WOW.. How long has crown been charging for checking in a helmet? I used to meet my parents there fairly often due to them coming in from geelong on a cheap subsidised 'senior citizens bus'. When I rode in, I used to check my helmet into the cloak rooms free, last time probably was 6-8 months ago?

  18. Apparently they started doing it in April, clearly times are tough. During warmer weather I'd just lock it to the bike, but who wants to put on a freezing cold helmet? :angel:
  19. Hmmm, interesting. I used used to park my bike there when I worked there (well, technically I still work there, I'm a "suspended employee"), and never gave my number-plate in to them or anything, I wonder how they would know if a bike belongs to employee or not
  20. I probably don't look like someone they'd employ...