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Parking a Can-Am

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lui, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Not that I have one to worry about, but this is a motorcycle taking up the space of a car (think Smart). I wonder if it will come a day the sign reads "2-wheel motorcycles parking only".

  2. There's one in Perth that parks in m/c spots too. I don't particularly mind 'cos MrsB and I tend to do the same with the Ural.

    I'm pretty sure I've seen at least road markings in places that say "Solo Motorcycles Only" which covers it, although that could be an ancient memory from the UK. I used to ignore it there too :D.

    Frankly, trikes and combos are so rare that I don't see it being a real problem in the forseeable future, if ever.
  3. That's my old office.
    EDIT: Hang on, isn't he on the left of the sign anyway?
  4. I still dont see a point in people buying those vehicles... it just doesnt make sense to me. Cant use the thing like a motorbike, dont have the cover like a car. Whats the point?
  5. The disadvantages of both cars and bikes and very few of the benefits. The only advantage I can think of is it doesnt fall over if you forget to put your feet down. I'm sure the owners love them, but not my cup of tea.
  6. Only if the law ever bothers to distinguish between the various types of 3-wheeled vehicles that are possible. Victoria gave up on doing that a while ago, which was probably a mistake given how many concept cars are being designed now around a 3-wheel configuration.

    And yeah I agree with dimi's comment about not seeing the sense in these things, especially when they start adding trailers to them. A used MX-5 is cheaper, more practical, and more than likely a hell of a lot more fun (though I've never driven a Can-Am I can't see how one less wheel and a high CoG could help with cornering).
  7. Interesting this has been brought up, because just quietly motorcycle parking is being addressed again. On road, footpath, undercover, etc. Motorcycles could very well be losing more space.

    The can-am is a bastard child of motorcycling because you have to register them as a car and then get a motorcycle licence to ride one. Go figure.

    I've ridden one, they're fun, but you can't fall off them like you can a motorbike. I'd say because it doesn't have a cage around it it's been thrown into the 'vulnerable' basket with us. They don't have the same parking requirements as motorcycles and should be kept separate.

    They are for all intents and purposes a car without a cage.
  8. Can still get thrown off though
  9. i think the trex is classed as a car in the US but is marketed as the Trex motorcycle, it has full car controls i' am not sure how you change gears tho

  10. Hehe, yeah alright I left myself wide open for that :LOL:
  11. There's also a pimped out version with doors and stuff
  12. Me want an aero wow!!
  13. I would like one (aero/t-rex/spyder) for the same reason as the guy in the t-rex video, chewing up the back tyre, apart from that, meh.
  14. For people who have a disability which prevents them riding a bike, it may be the closest they can get. The last rider of these I met was a former rider who had a heart condition and wasn't physically capable of supporting the weight of a bike anymore.
  15. (y)

    I used to think what is the point too, until I saw a man with cerebral palsy who could barely walk get off one and hobble away with two walking sticks. If that's the only thing that he can ride because his legs aren't strong enough to hold a two wheeled bike up, kudos to him I reckon! It was a lesson learned ... never judge a book by it's cover!!!
  16. I know a particularly gorgeous young lady who injured her back in a motorcycle accident, the can-am was used for her to get her license back.
  17. If I were riding one I wouldn't park in motorcycle parking.
  18. There need's to be a width clause to define what is a motorcycle for parking. After all that's the reason special motorcycle parking exists. Can-am, bike with side car excluded, 3 wheeled scooter kind of acceptable (although I still hate you)
  19. No, there doesn't. Given how rare such things are (and they are very rare in the greater scheme of things), all there needs to be is a little common sense on the part of the users. It's a bit inconsiderate to park one in the last two spaces of a crowded bay, but in a half empty slot outside peak times, who cares?

    Australia doesn't need more rules, motorcycle related or not. Introducing a new one to deal with a vanishingly small issue is not the way to go.