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Parked R6 hit on Edward st

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by geeth, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. In case the rider is on the forums.
    There was a older blue and white R6 hit by a beige hyundai elantra rego 779 dfx on Edward street around midday.

    The driver backed into the bike and front gaurd and scratched the panel, looked at the bike and pissed off.

    My friend witnessed it and left a note.

    Just putting this up incase the notes gone and in the hope you are on the forums.
  2. That says it all. What a prick for doing a runner. I hope the bike rider gets the police to issue a fine to the Elantra driver for taking off (but I presume will probably need a witness statement to do so).
  3. I am trying to get him to lodge a repot currently.
  4. Hey geeth,
    Well done to both your friend and yourself by being proactive to help out a fellow rider.
    It's true - bikers stick together :cool:
  5. Most minority groups do. :p Except maybe anarchists.

    The sow that hit it should of left a note! but i would think a hit that isn't enough to move a bike would do more then put a scuff mark.

    Polish and rag.
  6. It was my mate that saw it not me.
    He stated that it damaged the bike so I thought I would at least post of the details just in case.

    From what I was told the guy backed into the bike, got out, went about 1/2 the length of the car, looked at it got in the car and pissed off.

    Even if it's just scratches not leaving a note is just rude.
  7. You know whats worse, when someone leaves a note with dodgy phone number so witnesses see them putting the note and move on. Happened to me and it really got under my skin.
  8. It's a pet hate of mine. I've gone out of my way to put notes on peoples cars when the perpertrator conveniently forgot. It's no hassle, one simple phone call at most from their insurance, and a bit of justice has occurred.
  9. Well Done geeth !
  10. [​IMG]

    This springs to mind... I mean, if you're going to be a wanker about it and not leave your details you could at least leave a humorous note.
  11. Encourage him.
    The driver can and should be done.
    (Failure to provide details, and I can't be bothered looking up the RR).
  12. I hate it when there's a picture linked to a blocked web site! :evil:
  13. Within 1 year of owning my first bike, I was reversed into 3 times!! One was my own dad. Another one I witnessed so they guy couldn't disappear. The third time I didn't even know it happened until I went to check my mirror after riding off and found myself staring at road wondering WTF?

    After all that I never park next to cars.
  14. Poor R6! Good on ya, Geeth! Need honest people around. :grin: