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Parked Kwaka down on Hay St sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbie55, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. If you parked (or know of someone who has)a kwaka on Hay St this morning - sorry to say it is now on its side.

    I work in the building but didn't see how it happened - sing out if you want a hand to pick her up - not prepared to give it a go by myself or even sure if this would be the best etiquette anyway.
  2. Worst feeling ever seening a bike on its side.
  3. No, the worst feeling is seeing your own bike on its side...
  4. Too true - anyway its right way up now and seems like little damage done.

    I note the guy (gal?) had a helmet attached to that side which obvioulsy saved his bike somewhat but I'd be ditching the helmet. Hope it wasn't just a good samaritan as the owner may now be unaware he should be considering a new helmet.
  5. Felt the same experience last weekend, feeling for the guy/girl. Wonder if it just "fell" over or some idiot knocking it over...
  6. Its actually a pretty well protected spot as there are some concrete barricades that appear to have been installed for no apparent reason - so the chances of someone knocking it down seems slim particularly as it fell towards the side any car would approach from.

    Its a real shame to see though even though its an old bike and doesn't seem to have suffered too much its still very sad to see.
  7. It almost killed me seeing my near new bike on its side. 5,500 worth of damage for a few sc****s on the left hand fairing and the exhaust.
  8. That much really? Fairing can't be that expensive can it?
  9. yes it can.
  10. Just strip the fairings and go naked. They only get in the way anyway.
  11. I figure i pay enough insurance. anything with the slightest mark on it is getting replaced.