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VIC Parked bikes fined - heads up

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by brownyy, Jan 15, 2009.

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    Disclaimer: Before you go further, don't bring this thread into a "what is and isn't acceptable parking" thread or i'll uncage an angry midget I won at the circus one day on your home and your bike.

    Ok, for those who know the "15 William" building (Pitcher Partners building) on the corner of william st and flinders ln there is an area out the back where around 20-30 bikes park each day, also surrounded by smokers and cafe's.

    Returning to the office (after getting home leaving the house keys on my desk :evil: ) I noticed two bikes received parking fines. In front of their instument clusters was a typed note reading:

    Please be advised that you have illegally parked your motorbike which is creating a hinrance for pedstrians and is too close too the building perimeter.
    Your details have been recorded and passed on to the melbourne city council.
    Please rememeber this in the future as the last motorbike parked here was fined by the council.
    This note had no letter head or the alike so i'm thinking it may have come from the building management (bomb threat time mofo's). On their right grip was a fine which was stuck to the grip and the brake lever. The fine details were not visiable without tampering with the fine.

    I took several photos of the bikes showing that they were not impeding pedistrain traffic, so if you read this that was my business card on your fuel cap, email me if you want the photos.

    I can't post up pictures at work so if a mod (or anyone) wants to PM there email i'll forward some along.

    So just a note for bikes in this area, watch your location, and more importantly if you see a parking attendant, find me asap and i'll grab a blunt object and the caged midget.
  2. So your gonna go apeshit are you little fella? lol
  3. Send the pics to me and I'll post them for ya Browny.

    Oh, and send the one's of the bikes too :wink:
  4. email sent Chefie... ta mate.
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    Pq2BFbwJ. aV2KU_h9. Pq2BFj09.

    I think that's what it will become Browny. I'm pretty sure they need to park away from the wall to be legit. Blind people like to tap em so they don't stray off course.
  6. Once again - they're guidelines only about keeping close to the wall. I'll pass this on to the Motorcycles in Melbourne Committee of the Council.

    By the way - unless the paper was properly secured to the bikes (eg rubber band on the handlebar or similar) it's considered littering and they can (and will be if caught) be fined.
  7. no no, the angry midget is in a cage, not me. Mofo's. :twisted:

    ok let it be an "acceptable parking" thread, i have nothing better to do at work anyway. Let's get the ball rolling, this blind people's tapping thing, is that mentioned anywhere is some form of law...?
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  9. Judging by the photographs, the bikes are actually parked illegally IMHO, not because they are obstructing pedestrian traffic, but because they appear to be within the overhang of the building. Same with the bike in Chef's linked thread. I suggest that this area is actually private property even though it is made available to pedestrian use.

    Most likely the building manager (perhaps acting on a complaint) has written the note, and then called the MCC parking dept. If you could read the infringement notice it would indicate the exact reason for the penalty, which might differ from that on the note.

    Not very neighbourly conduct on the part of the building managers. They could have simply made it a warning before calling in the gestapo.
  10. Melbourne City Council motorcycle parking 2 page PDF HERE
  11. I've had a look at the photos and they do seem to be legal - the awning is not necessarily part of the building. I need to see what they have actuall been fined for.
  12. is that near the satay bar? there are alternative parking areas on flinders lane then. but it is nice to park in the shade.
  13. It's actually a VMAC produced guideline. and the old one. The latest guidelines are here...

    The footpath parking laws are VicRoads laws. If Melbourne City Council wants to prohibit parking in any given area then they need to follow certain protocols - including putting it to the Motorcycles in Melbourne Committee.
  14. Looks like building maintenance as they're parked right next to the wall...

    I made an inquiry recently with my building's maintenance (am further down William & park outside too) about possibly parking under my building & found out that they're quite anal about where motorbikes park outside. They have this rule that if a bike parks btw the "golden dots on the ground" its classified as "private property" & they leave notes / advise council etc. Imo there is no way any1 would know this on face value as it looks completely legal with plenty of room for peds!

    In any case, they've been kind enough to set up secure bike parking under the building for me (limited spots), so i get this for free all yr round :woot:
  15. yeah that's satay bar in the back ground. I sense your near by?

    This issue aside, i got a little shitty when that cafe oppisite them decided they wanted more seating area, no custorms use it, it used to provide for around 4-6 bikes, and come to think of it may be public land...? (lane way, no private land?) Either way, the area around there is pretty full of bikes, so i don't see why they can't park there. That nad if they are going to let 5 million people smoke there and say nothing, they can get f^&*ed about parking two bikes there.

    Going to eureka for a photo shoot (yep! no work still!!! :evil: ) so might take some more photos for ya'll gork'n pleasures...

  16. There seem to be a lot of building "managers" - read glorified janitors -who believe that they have some sort of proprietorial rights over part of the footpath as well. The building line does not include awnings etc. This doesn't just apply to private property. I had the security guys in some government buildings claiming that they had rights to the footpath as well. They lost that one too.
  17. That is interesting :-k
    Perhaps it has something to do with all the broken A/C's or tenant complaints received on a daily basis stressing them out & deflating ego's?!
  18. If the bikes are parked around hte back of the building, is that not classified as private property?? Where does it cease being public property and become private property??

    Otherwise, the only thing I would have thought was wrong was being too close to the building, therefore stopping visually impaired people from transiting along the side of the building.

    Otherwise, bloody hell the MCC (melb city counil) sucks.
  19. the 2 issues that might be the problem here from what i see in the photo and i am excluding the finer points of law which only apply to rich barristers to intrpret anyway are
    1 the bikes are parked next to the wall which would not enable vision inpaired people clear and safe passage
    2 it looks enclosed and may be a worksafe issue in reguards to flammable materials
  20. Something must be going on in the CBD. I walked past little bourne and Elizabeth street (gpo corner) yesterday and there were 2 motorbikes and one scooter that had A4 stickers stuck to their fuel tanks saying something similar. I took a few photos and will post them later. I'd be pissed if someone stuck an A4 sticker to my tank!!!