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NSW Parked bike knocked over

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cbf2fiddy_tim, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Hi I'm new here, just wondering if anyone on here has any advice for a situation I'm in at the moment. I park my bike on a residential street and don't use it that often (at least once a week). I went to ride to work the other day and saw a note left on my bike that said "Sorry I knocked your bike over please call S****". Anyway, I couldn't call back immediately because of work and other commitments, plus who knows when it happened because I hadn't been out to the bike in almost a week.

    So I call him today and asked him what he wanted to do about it. He starts off with how we are neighbours and he wants "peace and harmony" and then proceeds to say that I was parked in a "pretty ridiculous spot" (huh? legally parked on a street?), and that his wife "has seen it knocked over 3 or 4 times before" (utter BS). So unless I could prove the damage was done by him, he didn't want to go through insurance.

    I admit the damage appears to be quite minor, scuffed brake lever, bar end, exhaust, footpeg rubber. But I haven't had a trained eye go over it to see if anything serious has happened. Ideally I would like his insurer to fix it up properly (I've only got 3rd party fire & theft, Swann Insurance), but it's an 8 year old CBF250 and I Can't Be Fussed. Should I hit him up with a letter asking for a small amount to replace the damaged parts myself?

    He also had the hide to ask me not to park there any more. I will continue to do so if anything just to piss him off. I have a feeling he has been annoyed by being done out of a spot because of my measly motorcycle once or twice before.

    Any opinions, suggestions, ideas for petty revenge?
  2. his note is admitting fault.
    you could send him a demand for full cost of repairs.....

    or.. have a chat, tell him full cost of OEM repairs.. but that you'll settle for aftermarket replacement bits at a lower cost to "keep the peace"?

    as for petty revenge.. set his car and house on fire?
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  3. Screw him, get two quotes from premium dealers and tell them to quote anything with a scratch on it!
    Send them to him with a letter of demand for the lowest amount stapled ontop. Put a deadline of 14 days before you will start court proceedings if nothing has been heard. Even if you get $1000 cash its a win and will teach him a lesson.
    Photograph everything now including the letter, it will be very evident what is a new scratch. He admitted fault, simple as that, his insurer can fight that or him infront of a judge. Reality is if the bike fell on the left hand side bars/levers/exhaust/pegs are expected to be damaged.

    If the guy was genuine I'd probably forgive him and settle it for a slab of beer...have done before for a driver who accidentally nudged my car while parallel parking.
    I'd almost place a bet that it was deliberate.

    Revenge is bad and not constructive. Go build a fence or something out the front and be sure not to drop any nails.
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  4. Prove "he" wrote the letter........best of luck. If the person you spoke to denies it all, you will have all but no hope of being successful with a statement of claim simply based on a note.
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  5. I suspect you have no recourse in this instance for the reasons mentioned above. If you tried you would make your life difficult with your neighbour.

    Are you able to buy a cheap camera, point it out the window at where your bike is parked? If it happens again, you then have proof.
  6. He wants 'proof' he did it? As mentioned above; the bloody LETTER is proof isn't it?? What a weird request.

    Nevertheless, take pics of the damage and get a couple of quotes. Re illegal parking - you'll have to beg to differ coz if there are no signs etc then it is legal to park there. Otherwise put it back onto him & ask him to give you proof that you are illegally parked and if her can then he won't be responsible for damages.

    Forget revenge. That's how you end up on A Current Affair looking like a tosser. Just be amicable & pleasant. After all, he was considerate to leave a note and that is a very good thing in my book.
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  7. He wrote a letter and put his phone number on it. That identifies him reasonably well, although the standard of proof is not high. It might be enough to sway things if push comes to shove.
    Your bottom line is that if chooses not to pay, the cost of debt recovery will far exceed the cost of repair.

    Revenge? Photocopy of his note with a statement that he now refuses to pay added on the bottom, and paste it all over the building.
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  8. work out the repair costs. work out the cost of legal representation. contact your insurer if you have one. work out how much you are prepared to be run/jerked around and the cost/benefit.

    if there really is nothing wrong with the bike then tell him you'll take $250 and call it quits otherwise you want to put it through their insurance.

    if you leave it on the street and rarely ride it I'm guessing it's not in concourse condition so two-fiddy would be fair by the sounds of it.

    also, if you haven't already, I'd report it to the local police so they have a record of it.
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  9. Your insurer wont care if your unless your comprehensive, at best they will give you a letter of demand template and generic non verbal advice. (Been there done that).

    In Victoria at-least you can lodge a vcat dispute for $50 (nsw should have something similar) which will make it pretty clear if you have a case, if he fails to show it almost certainly puts things in your favour should you decide to put a formal claim against him. To me a note is evidence enough, if he denies it I'd threaten to say you'll send it off to be fingerprinted. Before you approach him next know how much $$$ you want, aim for an immediate cash settlement.

    To me leaving a note with "Sorry I hit your car, but unless you can prove it I wont pay" makes him very deserving of having this pursued
    He's a jerk and has no respect for you or your property...simple as that, then to go off and claim to want "peace and harmony" makes him a pathetic bully at best.
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  10. yeah
    burn his house and be done with it
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  11. hahahaha - you didn't ask if the neighbour's wife is hot - I was waiting for it... :D
  12. she will be if she stays inside
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  13. I'd just let it go.

    .................. and watch him jacking up his car repairing the four fatally punctured tyres, quietly, smugly, sipping a beer and chuffing on a la de da in case he looks up.
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  14. Talk with him. No one wins at revenge.
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  15. except the winner
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  16. If you have his phone number, id suggest communicating with him via text message, that way you have a record should he say anything incriminating, which will come in handy should you take it further.
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  17. nah
    prank call the ****
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  18. years ago when Sexpo first 'came' to town a friend of mine had a mate who started receiving a heap of pron catalogues and other items through the mail and email. turns out a few buddies had gone to the event and used his name and details on every 'sign here' 'join-free' etc that they could get access to. for the life of him he couldn't work out why he was getting all this adult material. it was ages before they told him, he had tried unsubscribing but Privacy Act laws weren't what they are now.

    not suggesting you should do this, just thought I'd share a humorous anecdote.
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  19. "For a good time call" <his number> in every public shitter for three suburbs.
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