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park on footpath in CBD

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by scootergal76, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    do anyone know where (which street/ lane..) we can't park our bike on footpath in CBD? and do they have any bike parking spot on the street where we not allow to park on footpath?

  2. Where it's signed you can't ;)

    1m from the kerb, 2m from any building and you should be right. It shouldn't obstruct people getting into/out of cars, or pedestrian traffic... but if you use your commonsense, you won't have any hassles. Failing that, park next to someone else! :D
  3. out the front of the reserve bank
    501 collins st is another i think
  4. ohh i c, cause need to go to CBD tomorrow, No.1 Londsdale street ( corner of Spring st).

    Not sure how long I need to be stay in the building, may take half day for waiting and interview.

    Can I just park at the near the building, their entrance (corner) is very big.
  5. About 3 years ago a pamphlet was produced by vicroads (I think it was them) which covered this topic. Buggered if I can find it though.

    Anyone know where you can get them still?
  6. There is a pedestrian lane that runs from Lonsdale to Little Bourke Street near Spring Street. Its beside the car park on Lonsdale or the Champagne Bar on Little Bourke. Its the perfect place to sit your bike. We stayed near there when we were down for the F1.

    EDIT: A few bikes park in that lane on a daily basis.
  7. Hi scootergal76,

    Directly out the front of the building you are going to is Motorcycle Parking (in Spring St) drive/ride past it every day.
  8. There are specific places where you cannot park your bike on the footpath, but they have to be marked with signs. One area is Flinders Lane near Degraves st, and also near Elizabeth st. Just look for the signs - there's not many of them.
    A parking officer can choose to ticket you if he/she deems that you are causing an obstruction, no matter where you are. Try to be sensible and they usually leave you alone.
    Also be careful not to park on private property, like the open space around Melbourne Central for example, just because it looks like footpath. You can and will be ticketed.
  9. Guidelines for Parking Motorcycles on Footpaths (PDF 231 kb)
  10. thats the little bugger!!!!