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park a bike out of the area, any problem?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alwayseric, May 9, 2012.

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  1. the small bike park was full this time when i got there. so i parked my small 250mm next to a big ducati and just out of the parking area(if there is a line, its just outside of the line.) will i have any trouble when i get back this afternoon after work?

  2. What happends when you double park a car?
  3. How many ways are there to read this?
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  4. I had a chat to a sticker licker the other day about this. We have recently lost 12 motorcycle parks at work when the council closed off a street, leaving lots of people parking on the ends of the spaces left. He said that 80% of the inspectors wouldn't ticket them, but that 20% would. He didn't ticket the ones parked there on that day.
  5. i hope i wont be that lucky.

    in fact, i saw quite often that people left their bikes outside of the designated area, or even "double park" in city (sydney at least, check out the very busy and narrow market street near myer).
  6. Sticker Licker :rofl:. What a cracker, have never heard that one. Thanx dsyfer, you just made my day !!!!

  7. risk is gone. i found a space was vacant and moved my bike into it, 2 mins ago.
  8. I've parked within the 'no standing' section off the edges of motorbike designated parking areas in Kings Cross, because lets face it, summer brings out the squids and scooteristas. Never got ticketed all summer.

    Now that its cold there's plenty of spots left.
  9. I doubt the sticker licker cares about the size, more what you do with it.
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  10. It would be very very helpful to mention which STATE you are from and to post in the legal forums not general discussion.
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