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N/A | National Paris to consider banning 4WD's....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. http://news.drive.com.au/drive/motor-news/paris-looks-to-banish-big-4wds-20110120-19wye.html

    "Increasingly congested roads and environmental concerns are pushing the French government closer to banning thirsty 4WDs from tight Parisian streets.
    Paris government officials are well down the track towards passing regulations that would completely ban large four-wheel-drives and smoky older diesel vehicles from entering the city heart - or else tax them until their owners' wallets bleed.
    But Australia's largest cities seem no closer to imposing congestion charges to discourage motorists from bringing vehicles - especially less environmentally friendly ones - into the CBD areas....."

    If only we did this here in Sydney.....congestion tax on 4WD's or for those who dont buy them for their real purpose....going offroad!
  2. I can see every major road in France blocked with tractors if this even gets close to happening :D.
  3. Thats stupid Too many greenies in paris obviously
  4. Any restrictions shouldn't be dependent on whether it's 4wd or not, but purely on size.
    There's quite a few micro-cars available in Europe which are 4wd, but less likely to cause problems than a large, 2wd, sedan.
  5. Also considering some of the diesel 4wds can use less fuel than petrol cars too
  6. And also less than some of the larger hybrids, which they would probably try and encourage people to buy instead.
  7. Spoken like a true pratt!

    It's not all about offroad, I tow a 2 and a half tonne caravan and I aint buying another car just to go town in.

    Chrysler's 300C is longer and wider than most 4WD's, and a lot of the new Euro small cars are deisel.

    So what criteria would you use, length, width, fuel type, or just go the ban all 4wd's?

    The day we give governments the power to dictate what we drive or ride or where we are allowed to take them is the day your motoring freedom will commence to decline even further than it already has under the camera regime we already face.

    somebody in the forums used the term "blind sheep" don't become one of them.
  8. Very true and by the way, when was the last time you saw a yaris or something of that ilk going the speed limit. NEVER. That's why the pieces of sh#t get such good economy.
  9. A size limit would make sense... They already exist.


    Some places have restrictions that don't allow trucks through.
  10. Mates 1990 diesel patrol gets 10L/100km, better than most commodores and falcons.. and our turbo suby despite being twice the size.
  11. To acheive what they are looking at it would need to be size and emissions. I would say consumers and manufacturers though would be tough to get on side anywhere in the world. Then you have the issue of enforcement - how many vehicles would be on the good or bad list and how are you going to ensure that people are not being pulled over unnecessarily.

    I'm not a fan at all of 4WD or SUV's in urban area's but to each his own and banning these on size alone does not make sense given other large vehicles that are available that are not SUV's.

    To solve any of these problems you need to take away the need to use the vehicles in the first place which in most cases would be convenience. Easy free parking on the outskirts of town with super reliable connections though the central business/city areas that would actually be MORE convenient than trying to drive to the door is what is needed. Congestion and air quality would solve itself through these means
  12. Nope.
  13. Its not the vehicles that are an issue -- its the bad attitude soccer mums for example that are the problem
  14. Most? european city's were built before the age of the supertruck.
    one of the reasons for 2cv's etc was the narrow streets designed for donkey cart and human passage. the 4wd's theyre talking about are too big to get down the streets safely..
    easier to say 4wd and bring in a width limit than say no cars wider than 180?cm from the start
  15. The Japanese already tax cars by size. The standards state any vehicle that is more than 4.7 m long, 1.7 m wide, 2 m high or with engines larger than 2000cc is what is called a "passenger size vehicle" and pays a higher tax rate. This regulation also mandates that all passenger vehicles can not exceed 5 m length or 1.8 m width.

    There's also a weight tax.
  16. you're right. This will never happen.
  17. Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
  18. bahahahhahahahahahahaha

    Dylan Moran ?
  19. The general idea of reducing un-necessarily large vehicles is a good one as with getting rid of crappy old cars. But f*** knows how you'd work out the criteria and banning is not the way.

    As for these comments on 4WD's being just as petrol efficient as other cars...

    Compare apples to apples, put a 3.5L V6 in a 1.5tonne family car the put the same engine in a bigger, heavier, higher vehicle and see what happens to the economy. Don't compare new modern 4WD's with big, lazy, modern engines in them to revvy under powered buzz boxes that get rung out to 5k between every gear.
  20. Why not?

    I think you will find it is definitely comparing apples to apples.