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Paris Hilton

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by shady_knife, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. http://www.motogp.com/en/news/2010/Paris+Hilton+125+team+2011

    what the f... should my respect for her go up? or for 125cc motogp's go down? :S
  2. any big name behind our past time / hobby is a good thing especially if she puts the $$$ in
  3. sponsorship is sponsorship, her dollars are probably 'cleaner' than those of some other of the sport's supporters
  4. just seems an.... odd... partnership to put it simply.

    here's to hoping the riders don't go down as much as she does.
  5. say what you want about her, but she is a fairly decent business woman.
    The fact that its an odd combination will surely draw more media attention to her, her product and to motorcycle sport. hopefully more ( and i say this this very gingerly) celebs will follow suit & put money in to the sport.

    never know, next year might see the MotoGP comeback for Team Kardashian Kawasaki.
  6. Oh man, would love to see some shots of kim standing next to a kawasaki...

  7. I thought putting out was more her thing
  8. From my recent experiences, the moto GP paddock is exceptionally clean.
    Maybe Paris will benifit from the association with the team and vis versa.
    The Americas have a huge gap in the public knowledge of m/c racing and the endorsement of Paris can only help.
    Can remember Wayne Rainey telling me, after winning a world title that when he went home, he could mow his lawns in peace and no one knew him. When he went to Japan, he was mobbed.
  9. ah dammit i threw up a little.

    I think the Paris show will overshadow everything else. So it's a thumbs down from me. A celebrity would be good yes, just not that one!
  10. #13 shady_knife, Dec 20, 2010
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    wtf? is that edited?! look at her eyes! lmao

    check out the camel toe at 50 seconds.... haha


    and when did she get fake tits? she used to have no rack at all...
  11. id tap it

    edit// good spotting on the camel, luv it :D
  12. Who would have ever thought, that Paris Hilton would have a thread, on the Racing Pages of Netrider.
  13. To her credit, that was indeed a nice camel toe @ 00:50 ! So much for getting an early night's sleep....
  14. Pause at 00.50 at look where the rider is looking.
  15. I screen capped, I scrolled down and TaDa! I wasn't the only one that noticed it lmao

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  16. The worrying thing is the little rider appears to be checking out the other guy and not bimbo Hilton.
  17. Hahahaha ! Nice spot, on both accounts ibast (y)
    The latter is indeed a worry !