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Paris Bike Show Pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by scooter, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Ooo, that Voxan looks a bit yummy! That's a surprise, I thought Voxan had bit the dust a couple of years ago.
    BTW, WHAT exactly is the guy standing behind it doing with his hands? :shock:
  2. Air Guitar perhaps? That new GSR looks interesting, details are already up on the UK Suzuki website, seems naked 600s are becoming popular in Europe.
  3. Seems like a few bikes are coming out next year with a stubby exhaust (see gsx-r pics). The r6 and r1 are supposed to have this too according to 'unnoficial' press pics.
  4. Another "about time" release at the Paris expo is the Yamaha MT-03, once again the UK Manufacturers website has all the info.
  5. Where's all the pics of the half naked women?

    Edit: Typo
  6. Will Videos suffice?
  7. hmmm, next couple of years look good!!!
    hey scooter, some of those pics will really tax the dial-up gang, (not myself), any chance of downsizing them as well for them??
  8. Geez hornet I took the trouble to post up a link, it's up to you wther or not you download them, and to be frank I haven't even bothered to check all of them out myself, it's pretty self expanatory what the pics are of by the title so not too hard to decide which ones you may want to look at. :?
  9. OK, no probs mate, I liked them all, esp the white S3, although the bloke sitting on it with the camera sorta detracted a little......
  10. Thanks jd,

    I remember the Melbourne motorbike expo...some chick asked if I wanted her to take a pic of me on the Harley, I said I'd rather take a pic of her on it.

    I'll post the pics up soon.
  11. Not the R1. Save for detail changes (longer swingarm, frame with claimed different flex properties, high-speed compression adjustment), it's essentially the same as the current bike.