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Parents with Prams spaces

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ad91on, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Seriously.

    I know they are nothing new. But I rode my pushbike to my local Shopping Conglomerate Megaplex and found no bike racks, but a shit load of parents with prams parking.

    My qualms include:

    Since when was unprotected sex rewarded? Last i heard, it was very naughty to have unprotected sex. It can result in terrible things such as children, spouses and commitment. It's a general bad thing. We should not be encouraging it.

    Prams already take up enough of my time clogging up my precious sidewalks and aisles. Today, in my store, some yuppie soccermum with one of those dual uber-prams parked her pram across the whole aisle. (we have one aisle, effectively). Um, thanks. I'm trying to work here, and because you had sex, i have to wait for you to have the kindness to remove your little shitbags out of the way so i can continue working? How come I don't get a "single with no prospects" spot? Where's my special considerations at shopping centres, like "special single-persons only aisle where you don't have to talk to anyone and there is only one choice in everything you need with no attempts to upsell or sway your decision with redundant choice"? Coles introduced the "convenience shopper" trolleys with a shallower basket, but it is not enough! I want my social status STAMPED all over my trolley!

    And what would be the worst thing that happened if i parked my single with no prospects-mobile in one of these revered spots? Would i get a fine? Would the ravenous mothers see my car or bike, completely devoid of any sign of a "my family" sticker or a frangipani or a "baby on board" sign, and simply devour me the moment i set foot out of my vehicle? Or would everyone just assume that i was a single dad, on my weekend of having the kids, and only having them reluctantly because i'm such a homewrecker?

    Please, answer for me my problems.

    I am still looking for a "my family" stick where it is me, with a fishing rod, with a whole bunch of fish which i have caught, and then another bunch of fish that 'got away'. Alternatively, a "my family" sticker of me, in a dark room, violently masturbating to the 7:30 report would suffice.

    Why is there such prejudice in our world!!
  2. Its Christmas. Those parks are free game. They probably did all their christmas shopping in March anyway.
  3. They'd toss their dirty nappies at you.

    But seriously I dont understand their need for proximity. Particulalry considering these 'parents with prams' parks compete with disabled parks - who surely need to be closer. I understand the need for extra room with a pram, but don't understand their need to be close - you're not carrying the kid, you're pushing it in a pram... surely a zimmerframe wielding combatant of the shopping centre needs to be closer?
  4. If you ever have children you will then understand the many diffculties that justify these spots.

    Besides, they also serve to protect your car because some distracted mother is not as likely to be opening her car door smack into yours when trying to maneuver the baby out of the child seat / baby capsule.

    Personally, I'm more concerned about the number of parks Senior Park has reserved for himself. One Mexican taking up 10 times as many spaces as there are pram parks, then he goes and parks in a regular park anyway and makes it even harder for everyone else still unable to use his reserved spots.
  5. After my recent experience in the 'Disabled Parking' thread I'm a bit bruised but I'm glad you brought this up.

    I'll be honest with you. First time I ever saw this here in Canberra I just pulled right in the spot and went about my shopping. It's just a ludicrous concept.

    I'm fine with being courteous but I managed to deal with my kid in a pram with no issues whatsoever without any such parking available. But then again, apparently I'm just stupid and a parking Nazi so I'm probably way off base about this as well. :)
  6. Agreed about the proximity thing, although I've never seen the pram park closer than the disabled park.
    Ideally, they should be closer to the trolley return bays, so that parents don't have to venture too far from the now strapped in baby to return their trolley. Not that most people, pram or otherwise, bother anyway. Shits me to tears how people can't be arsed returning a trolley so just leave it in the middle of a parking space or walkway for someone else to deal with. Basic effing manners u lazy mofos.
  7. Bullshit.
    Get over yourself and your "many difficulties", and realise it's a marketing ploy rather than fulfillment of a genuine "need".

    1. Get the mums in by offering them parking at the door.
    2. Stock up on nappies, wipes, powder, formula, etc
    3. $$$ Profit.
  8. Mate, think its you that needs to get over yourself.

    If walking the extra three spaces away from the door that you've been displaced by the pram parks is too much for your precious self, I suggest you park at one of the many entrances that doesn't have them! (Westfields tend to have one maybe two pram parks at less than half of the entrances.)

    When was the last time you were 8 months pregnant and had to wrestle an 18 month (who has decided he/she doesnt want to sit) in and out of a car with another parked up hard against it, just to get a few essentials? Its something my wife has to do fairly frequently at the moment, and the pram parks make it a hell of a lot easier.

    While not NECESSARY, they are a much welcomed and appreciated feature.
  9. Who said I'm complaining about the spaces?
    The old "You wouldn't understand, because you don't have kids" line does shit me to tears however...

    And why are you sending your pregnant missus up the shops with a toddler by herself anyway?

    Not so long ago people took responsibility for their own situation, especially when it was of their own doing.
  10. Erm, okay well then you're barking up the wrong tree.
    I didnt say "You wouldn't understand, because you don't have kids" . Plenty of people without kids do.
    The poster themselves said they don't understand. I just said that if you do then you will likely understand.

    Pregnant mrs is going to the shops because I am at work earning the money for her to do said shopping. Hardly dodging any responsibility mate, thats one effing long bow youre drawing.
  11. Semantics - the inference was the OP couldn't possibly understand because he didn't have kids, as if that meant he was "missing" something.
    And my apologies that you work hard for the money, cos no prospective father ever did that, huh?

    Coles is open Thursday nights and all weekend, y'know ;)
  12. I have a very strong opinion on this matter... I've just no idea what it is.
  13. Like I said - that was not what I said whatsoever. You are reading an undertone into my statement that is simply not there.

    Once again, there was no inference that he couldn't possibly understand. None, whatsoever.

    All I said was that his current situation of not understanding, would likely be changed if he were to go out and have kids. That is all.

    BTW, the majority of the time I do take the mrs to the shops, or go myself, or look after toddler while she goes. Which of the above options we take is usually her choice. Shit, I don't even know why Im justifying that to you, but, despite the above, it is still not uncommon for her to go on her own while I am at work.
  14. Convenience etc is besides the point. Indeed against the point - what we want is effort, for it produces strength.

    We will need these lebensborn. They will be our right arm....
  15. C'mon, dont be so harsh.. Its a bit like giving your seat in a bus to a pregnant lady, an oldie, or a mum with kids.. or little ones. I won't go on a "if you got no kids you wouldn't understand", I agree, its pedantic and condescending, but having 5 little buggers, I see the convenience. Its nice. You want to get the little ones out of the carpark, if you have to juggle shopping AND a pram, its just a litttle riskier to hang around the corners of the carpark..
    Going to shopping centre and finding carpark is a pain in the neck anyway, especially around xmas.. but to get nasty about pram parks.. its a bit like complaining when we filter.. ain't it??
    Merry Xmas!!
  16. Only place for cyclists is on footpaths, not adding to the congestion on our roads! :bolt:
  17. And now for some uber multi-quoting:

    You're right; i, too, am sick of Senor Park!

    Too true, it is nothing more than a ploy by the owners of the various complexes to accommodate the needs of a demographic who spend ludicrous amounts of money on shit. My big problem was that there was not a bike rack in sight for me! I may have been coming in there to buy $100k of jewellery for all they know! And these snot nosed little brats get a whole space!

    My thoughts. These spots are making a weak demographic even weaker... and we shall dominate and prosper as a result. Genius. I am all for these spots now.

    A bus is different. A bus is there for the people. Generally, the kind of mother who catches a bus is significantly different from the kind of mother that drives their ML65 AMG to Westfield, spends the day shopping and complaining about how busy they are (having dropped their kids off to daycare), and then drives home to order takeaway for their yuppie husband. I have stood up for pregnant people on buses before, along with oldies and the otherly-impaired. It's just not apples and apples, unfortunately.

    And i believe the politically correct term is "happy holidays", but since as previously mentioned i work in retail, they aren't very ****ing happy for me...


    I mean, it was 10pm at night, i can see how i was holding everyone up...
  18. As far as I'm concerned, they're normal parking spaces, only redder.
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    What a bunch of arrogant wankers. Try having kids and see how difficult it is. Any chopout parents can get is a great relief and is welcomed.
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    Unfortunately I have.

    I think they should be closer to trolley return too.

    Having said that, when my brothers and I were kids, mum cruised us around in a pusher everywhere even when pregnant, we lived 7kms from the shops with only 1 car which dad needed to get to work. My mum never had a fat RSERSE.