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parents in-law from hell? or is this completly reasonable.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by slyfox, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. *warning: LONG and possibly boring, don't say i didn't warn you!*

    ok then. does anyone else have some issues with their parents in-law? let
    me detail the latest saga with mine.

    my girlfriend drives my parents car with their permission. i have driven
    my girlfriends parents car a couple of times without their permission.
    i'm naughty.

    i drove their car without permission, parked it in a no standing zone by
    mistake (confusing signage) and got a fine. yep i'm naughty +1.

    i tried to pay the fine but the owner of the vehicle must nominate the
    real driver and get that witnessed. parents (lets call them 'simon' and
    'jennifer') left the fine with me and i didn't get around to telling them
    they need to nominate the driver, and as such i couldn't conclude the matter.

    They get a notice of enforcement order saying pay the fine as it is very

    yep i'm a shit bloke, i should have cleared the matter earlier i admit
    that freely (though perhaps they could have just read the back of the
    fine and seen 'nominate other driver.')

    i get a phone call today from jennifer 'our property is going to be
    seized and our business name ruined because you haven't paid the fine'
    :shock: i explained that she needs to nominate me as the driver and the
    problem will go away, i also apologise.

    1/2 hour ago jennifer drops around and delivers a letter to me.

    there is no question i am in the wrong but the paragraph in bold has to be the most exaggerated delusional load of crap i've even seen. i can't wait to start writing my reply, but before i do i'd like to hear your opinion, if you've bothered reading this far! :grin:

  2. I think you should give them the money and stop driving their car.

    And then you should resume your brutal boning of their daughter.
  3. Sounds like you need to give them the money owed in the fine YOU incurred and dob in your girlfriend for the others.

    But you're right, your a shit bloke!
  4. Elope, get married come back and say, "Simon I'm ready to take over the business"
    Seriously though they sound like a pair of harsh bastids!
    Still,you are at fault pay up!
  5. Is that all? Try having a mother in law who takes you to court for access visits to the kids. Not because we wouldn't let her see them but because she didn't like me!
  6. :LOL: :LOL: Thats funny as fcuk, those people have some real issues.

    Id write em a cheque but ensure i also put a nice film starring yourself and their daughter in the envelope.

  7. Think many of us have our war stories of some sort!

    I love my partner's parents and she loves mine - she's on the phone to her at the mo'.

    Sorry nothing useful to add except what's been already said - just wanted to say that I get on with mine!
  8. Sorry for being nosey, but what sort of business do they have ?

    Are they going to lose business by going to court for a civil matter :?
    Pay the money, but if they play nasty (like they already have), give it back to them
  9. bawahahaha.

    I have two outstanding parking fines, both over 2 years old.

    My business hasn't been ruined, my property hasn't been seized, and I'm fairly certain ASIO hasn't got my phone tapped.

    // Both fines were while touring interstate. While a fine was left on the bike, never got the details to pay it in the mail. And as it was a long tour, I lost the fine details long ago.
  10. FIRST thing in the morning
    go to the newsagent and buy a reciept book and make it out for the amount and paid to and whom it is paid to ect
    STATE in FULL what the said monies are being paid for and make sure it is as detailsed as you possibly can make it
    completely SIGNED and DATED WIth a Witness

    DO NOT write her/them a nasty letter
    just arrive with the monies as a MONEY Order and YOU keep the reciept for this stapled to the SIGNED reciept kept IN your reciept book (with the letter)take your girlfriend WITH you and even make HER be the witness :grin:
    STAY Calm and Civil and Polite
    Yes you may have been in the wrong
    But rememeber
    you are with their daughter Not them
    we can not possibly be loved by everyone and they are Business people First and Foremost by the sounds of it

    Family ARE the worst to deal with
  11. If they have asked you not to drive the car previously and you've ignored their request and then not acted to sort out the fine (They gave you the fine so it was your problem to deal with and follow to its conclusion) and it has progressed to the point where they feel the need to seek legal advice to protect their business then while slightly overboard it is a justifiable action especially if they think that you aren't understanding the repercussions of it all(i.e. sending you a jolt).

    Based on the "our good name destroyed" I take it they are a little bit high society or their business depends strongly upon respect and reputation, if thats the case they would see this incident to a SERIOUS threat to their livelihood and see your nonchalonce as contempt for their way of life.

    or whatever...
  12. Yeah, try to detract yourself emotionally with this one.
    I know its not easy, they are supposed to be family (or close to it).

    Pay them, get it over and done with and keep it in the back of your mind should you ever need to borrow anything else of theirs, it probably wont be worth the trouble.

    I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. Someday they will need something from you, you will have every right to say no. And stick to your guns.

    For now, pay and learn from your mistake.
    And love your partner EXTRA hard tonight.
  13. Re: parents in-law from hell? or is this completly reasonabl

    You stuffed-up .. big time! You can only lose if you reply or react poorly. Give them $200, a bottle of red, a bunch of flowers, and a very humble apology. You've already admitted that you stuffed-up, knowingly .. so to do anything other than cop on the chin and be apologetic would be more extreme silliness on your part
  14. Stand up and cop it. Pay up. Get over it. Elope!
  15. Re: parents in-law from hell? or is this completly reasonabl


    Plus a weekend away to some B&B down the coast or something. Geez, how do you let it get that bad dude? Nasty letters like that should only come from members of immediate family... :LOL:
  16. this man is on the money :)
  17. Yep pay up, then shut up :grin:
  18. I think you need to pay the fine.

    However i think they are totally unreasonable in seeking legal advise over a simple fine when they could have simply read the fine and seen to sign it over.

    I hope you love your GF heaps, coz be prepared for a total shitfight if you guys split.

    If i was with someone who had parents like that i would be telling them where to go very quickly.
  19. Re: parents in-law from hell? or is this completly reasonabl

    +1, then follow the 2nd step of Loz's suggestion. :grin:
  20. There's more to this than you're telling, but I don't want to know.

    You did use the car without their permission, and incurred the fine while doing so.

    If you had dealt with it immediately, it may not have got to this point.

    Pay the fine, send them a bottle of wine and an apology. They're not your in-laws yet but when you marry their daughter, they will be, and you'll need their goodwill. Blood is thicker than water...