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Parents...can you figure them out?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nodz, May 3, 2005.

  1. After reading the post by Lids about getting her bike chained up by her Father I made a couple of posts saying that I hadn't told my parents I had a bike as it wouldn't go down favourably.
    Normally when my parents came round my house, there was no evidence of the bike, no bike, no helmet etc left out.
    Anyway, they've been overseas for about a month and yesterday they turned up on the doorstep unannounced. Bike in the driveway, boots inside the door, jacket hung on the back of the chair and helmet and gloves on the table. Get this, they didn't bat an eyelid.
    Convo went
    Dad - So you bought yourself a bike
    Nodz - Yeah, needed transport and some fun
    Dad - Yeah must admit that I had fun when I rode mine
    N - Thinking WTF?...:shock:...saying - Yeah, I can't stop riding it
    D - I think it makes you a better driver, more aware of what's going on around you
    N - Thinking WTF?...:shock:...saying - Yeah, must admit I'm a bit more observant in the car.
    D - Getting the proper training?
    N - Yeah, want to do the P's soon
    D - Will you get a bigger bike then?
    N - Yeah, probably.
    D - Good, not much fun are they the two-fiftys?
    N - Thinking WTF?...:shock:... saying, Nah.

    End of convo about bikes.
    Can you figure them out. I was expected a reaction similar to what Lids got. Proves I still don't know my parents after 30+ years...:LOL:
  2. When your kids grow up to be teenagers, then it'll all make perfect sense to you. :wink:

    I like to call it "revenge thru farking with their minds" That's stage one.
    Stage two comes when they have kids, and you're a grandad. Ican't wait! :twisted: :twisted:

  3. Well I haven't told mine I have a bike either - actually I've managed to keep it secret for almost 13 years!
    But my mother would FREAK!!!
    An example of her madness:- When I first started working O/S, she ACTUALLY CALLED the passport office to try and get my passport taken away!! Because I get paid in USD, she thinks I'm some sort of international criminal and is always telling me the cops will be after me!!
    Parents? I can't figure them out!!!
  4. son? is that you?

  5. Dude that honestly wouldn't surprise me!!
  6. Hey Nodz, that is so cool.

    I think my mum is slowing coming around as she asks me every now and then how my bike is going. My old man and little brother still need some work. hehehehe.

    :D :D
  7. Must admit I didn't want to tell family about when I got back into the bikes but I finally had to tell them. Dad was fine about it just telling me to be careful and mum said she wouldn't pretend to be happy about it but I am an adult and she can't control my life. I was so disappointed, was expecting a big reaction.

    When I bought the new one the first question was when are you going to ride it up so we can have a look. Could not believe it.
  8. My mum and dad are fine about it.

    But my grandmother and grandfather on my Mother's side have always threatened to fly over from Adelaide to put an axe through any bike I buy. They don't know yet.
  9. bwahahahahahaa, funny how you sometimes forget that your 'responsible' parents once used to like having fun :LOL:

    my dad hung shit on me for riding a "baby bike" :shock: i quickly reminded him that he was riding an electric bicycle, that shut him up :)

    mummy wasn't so pleased, got the big uh oh from her. but she knew it was only a matter of time, i just get told to be careful whenever i see her now.....

    luckier than lids eh :LOL: still cant seem to grasp what it would be like to have a family that dont respect what YOU want to do even after you're an adult :? let em be shitty with you, fark, they're only hurting themselves (provided you change the locks on your garage :LOL: )
  10. So your not planning to hot up the 250 any longer?
  11. Was only enquiring about how to get more performance from the 250 and how to do it cheaply. Come to the conclusion after the advice from all the netriders, what's the point, save bikkies and buy bigger...:LOL:
  12. Where are you setting your sights at the moment, sports, tourer, naked, twin, four, 600, 750, 1000, so many choices these days?
  13. There is a lot of choice isn't there, and that's great!

    I'd like to eventually get a bonney thruxton, or T100. (looks at bank account... starts to cry) Would love an 05 speed triple, Yammie MT01, or 05 Sprint. (Sigh, gotta start buying lotto tickets for them)

    But will probably end up buying a second hand GTR1000, VF1000 etc, restoring it slowly, as funds become available

    What's your plans Nodz?

  14. I didnt get a chance to freak my parents too much as my older brother got a bike before me... and him being the 'Sensible child in the family' made bikes just a little bit safer.

  15. I think if I lived in tassie I would be sooo disapointed with either of those second hand choices, especially the GTR, terribly big and heavy.