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Parents and that thar Internet thingy.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by rourkster, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. A little while ago my mum decides she wants to use MSN. She'd heard about it from her coffee friends and decided she had to explore this wondrous thing herself. Being the dutiful son I call round to set it up for her. Tonight I sign in and see that she is online so start a conversation with her. All going well we move on to a voice conversation. After fumbling around with muted sound I find out she doesn't have a mic/headset and what I am hearing is coming from the inbuilt mic in her monitor. No problems - she moves closer and things are going okay. Her and Dad are amazed and gabble on like kids in a lolly shop.
    She then decides she wants a video conversation. I tell her that she'll be able to see me but I won't see her as she doesn't have a webcam.
    "Do I need a camera?" she says.
    "Yes" I says.
    "I just thought the screen would take a picture of me." she says.


  2. :LOL: :LOL:

    Well it displays pictures, why not take them as well :LOL:
  3. Well we keep carrying on about how amazing computers and the internet are, what do you expect her to think ;)
  4. I feel your pain.

    I get to deal with similar all day.

    Late yesterday, I got a call from a lady who was insisting we find a solution because she has a server at home and won't take her PC off that domain for the one at the office.

    So when she gets to the office, she dials into the server and works that way.

    There is only one way to fix that (not going to happen). Set up a trust between the two domains.

    Otherwise, NMP.
  5. van is right; we've spent our generation creating the impression that there's nothing these boxes WON'T do...

    My problem's the opposite; my (long) widowed mum whinges all the time that no-one calls and how isolated she is, but won't let me GIVE her a computer so she won't be..

    As rourkster says...

  6. And then there's my 60 year old mum who is hugely into online gaming but won't answer her email!

    Regards, Andrew.