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Parents and bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ananda22, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. did any of you not tell your parents you were getting a bike, and just come home n leave it at da front n act like nothing happened lol?

    what sort of reactions did you get? did they tell you to sell it? threaten to kick you out of home etc??

    just interestsed :p
  2. I got my bike 7 months ago and my mum and stepdad knew and threatened to sell it/kick me out....My dad still doesn't know. :shock:
  3. lol where do you keep it??? how do you manage that?
  4. I don't live with him
  5. ohhhh okayyy.. anyone else got their stories??
  6. Re: Perents and bikes

    If they criticise you for having a bike, just tell them you got it because they didn't teach you how to spell.
  7. My folks were cool, then dad ended up getting one, so no I have a whole 1/2 garage of bikes :)

  8. Re: Perents and bikes

    lol ill fix my grammer mistakes now mate for u .. :p
  9. Re: Perents and bikes

    Dat speak is da c00lness nowdayz bro :p
  10. Parents huh.. man i was 33 when i got my first bike and i still copped it.. :grin:
  11. lol!.. yeah im getting my bike soon, im just gonna get it cause i know if i tell them they will threaten to kick me out.. or possibly more.. dont know if they are serious or not.. but im guessin its a bluff, however i am worried despite being almost 19.. parents still got authority over me !! :mad:
  12. Re: Perents and bikes

    Dem olds dissed my ride. I capped their skanky asses. Theys not so smiley now.

  13. Re: Perents and bikes

    Hehe, good (and quick) comeback! Now I feel like the old fart I am. :eek:

    My folks only had bikes, so I would have been sent packing if I had bought a car. Same goes for my kids. Three generations of motorcyclists, and proud of it!!
  14. 22, living at home and my parents hated me getting a bike. Did nothing to help me but in the end, didn't do anything active to stop me either. Makes it so much more rewarding to know you got there all on your own and against your parents will :)
  15. im 29 and im just bracing for wheni get a bike... they'll go mental.

    Not that there is much they can do about it!!
  16. lol yup, im 19.. and i rekon im gonna cop it , kickbox to the head from my dad, but he used to ride for 4 years, so i can use the exuse oh but he rode.. =P , but my mum made the option him either my or the bike, luckily enough for my mum he picked her.. JUST
  17. I told my parents I was going for my licence & gunna buy a bike but dont think they believed me till I turned up to visit and parked out the front :p
    Its not "their way" to talk about stuff, so I would never have got a lecture. they would just be quietly pissed... mind you they never ask how the bike is going so i guess maybe they dont like it?

    my brother rides and my dad used to, so did both my uncles... but to be honest I think they dont like that i ride, cos Im a girl.
  18. I told my parents I was buying a bike to get a bite out of them. They actually just said 'ok', so I was like cool, mabye I will get one.

    So then I did. ....
  19. yea i friend of mine ride it in the driveway (with no prior warning) and his da said wft is that noise (rg250 two stroke) and then a eruption occurred LOL

    i said i was gonna get one for a while then when i got FT job i did and i got hell for a couple of months but now it has settled i guess.....
  20. the spelling/grammatical errors in this thread almost want to make me cry