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parent visas

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. we're looking at options for the father in law as he gets on a bit. He currently lives in Germany but is a UK citizen. As far as I can see he is eligible for an Aus Parent Visa but there are two different classes of these that we want to try and understand a bit more. I've read the dept of immigration web site and sat on hold for 30 mins on the phone, both with no real success, so I though I'd try here

    so, does anybody here have any direct experience of anyone being granted a parent residence visa?

  2. FWIW, speak to a GOOD immigration lawyer, not an agent, a lawyer.

    There are multiple criteria for each category.
    For example (just from memory) normally to bring a parent over you have to be a able to prove you can look after them (financially).
    In the case of a UK citizen however I believe that there is a mutual recognition system in place regarding pensions.

    The law Institute of Victoria has a referal service.

  3. thanks mate - I'll give them a call
  4. Why? I managed to get Permanent residency for my wife by doing most of the paperwork myself and using an agent. And I'm really really crap at paperwork.
    My mate did the same for his girlfriend without even using an agent, and he's not any smarter than me. Are you trying to import criminals?
  5. I can fill out forms with the best of them, but I want to understand if it's even worth my while starting the process. By all accounts very few parent visas are granted per year. The exception to this seems to be the 'contributory parent visa' which seems to be an option to buy your way into the country - but we can't afford $30k for the application plus a 10 year bond.

    I posted on the offchance that someone had already gone through the pain, but if not I'll use up some lawyer's free first consultation rather than waste endless hours of my life hanging on the phone to the department
  6. If the perosn has an OS pension, as mentioned previously, the main bone of contention as an 'import' freeloading [pardon the black and white] so if your father/inlaw has a german pension that cn go via UK and can financially support himself and you put up some kind of assurance and you should have a better chance, but good luck with it