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Paraplegic Bike rider Ninja 650r

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by steltzer, Jul 10, 2011.

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  2. Is Sarina any closer to getting a licence yet,
  3. Sarina, the girl riding that bike in the video.
  4. That's not a chick. Look at the other vids - it's clearly a bloke :)
  5. Apologys.
    Thats Stewy riding Sarina's bike,

    Stewy built it for Sarina, his wife,
    Yes, they are both members on here.
    Yes, she is a paraplegic from a bike crash about 3 or 4 years ago,

    This bike is set up to allow Sarina to ride again, It has two arms that come down when she stops, works excellently,

    Their biggest hassle comes from Vicroads, who have been very difficult allowing them to register the bike for her to ride,

    I do know both of them, very nice people, I might add,

    If you had of been on the Netrider Jindy run, you would have met both of them, they were the ones with the wheel chair on the back of their bike,

    The bike in question with the arms removed, wheel chair on back,

    I hope Sarina and Stewy dont mind me putting their picky up on here,

    They need all the help they can get in getting this bike regoed and on the road,

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  7. **** dude, clearly you don't know them that well.

    Sarina is not her name, they are not married and that is not the bike that Stewy modified in your pic.
  8. Haha, dipsh1ts...... Her name is not Sarina, Selina or anything like that.

    However, Leena is an inspiration and is to be admired.
  9. Maybe my Alzheimer's is kicking in, but I think her name is Lenna.
  10. Your signature is true to form ...

    Her name is Selena ... but she is known by the shortened version of Lenna.

    And yes , she is an inspiration to be admired :)
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  11. wow, didn't know any of that, kudos to them though! i just found it on a ninja forum, thought i would re share here. awesome
  12. so many on riders go by alias,
    how then is a young man, like deadman, supposed to keep up with it all.

    btw, if i remember correctly,
    deadman actually did the welding on wheelchair rack in the photo.
    (who are those two handsome fellows in the background)

    all i know for sure,
    deadman helps out where he can.
  13. righto, i will set the records straight for those that care, the orginal clip is not of the bike i built for my Fiance soon to be wife (her users name on here is Grrrl) her real name is Selena (which i asume is what Brian wasn't sure how to spell) but is better known as lenna.

    Holster is correct the bike I used to modify was my sv1000 the story is listed in the link.

    Deadman has just gotten a bit confused about which bike is which, that is all... the bike in the photo Brian posted is the dl650. Carver is correct, Deadman (brain) built the rack that carried the wheelchair so we could join in on the jindy ride last year, i believe the rack was finished about 1am the morning of the 3 day ride and it worked perfectly too ;)

    Thanks Brian (deadman)

    Hope that clears it all up.

    As for her license, no we haven't gotten her on her own bike yet but alas we haven't up yet either, version 2 is under development as we speak.

    cheers stewy
  14. I was only too glad to help, If you need more, you just have to ask. You know where I am.
  15. Whoopsies... Forgot to log Stewy out... back in a sec
  16. LMAO at you lot...

    That vieo makes my throttle hand itchy! Oh boy I can't wait for version 2 - you guys are gonna be blown away by what we're doing this time!!!
  17. Hi Lenna, Congratulations on your engagement, I am not sure if Stewy meant to let that out or have I missed the announcement thread. :)
  18. Hiya CJ
    Oh that cat has been out of the bag for ages... we got engaged when we were over in India, July 2009... Wedding is coming up in March :)