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Paranoid of the yellow ute

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ._., Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Just a bit of a heads up to anyone who lives around the Brunswick to Kensington area in Melbourne.

    I was on my way home tonight and made a detour to get petrol from the BP on St.Georges road. On my way out I passed a bright yellow ute that was parked on the side of the road, which promptly took off after I passed them. I didn't think too much of it but thought I would be extra careful and take a few extra unnecessary turns while making my way home. This made me very suspicious so I decided to see how much more obvious they could get (other than being in a bright yellow ute - looked like an 80's hilux but hard to tell with vibrating mirrors).

    At a set of lights up near the commission flats in Kensington I filtered past the front two cars and got into the right lane. When the light turned green I took off and created a large gap behind me so I could change into the left lane at the last second before the next set of lights shortly ahead, which had the left lane for going straight and the right lane being right turn only.

    There was now one car behind me in the left lane and the yellow ute was in the right hand lane behind about 4 cars. Once everyone stopped at the red lights and they saw me in the left lane the yellow ute moved over to the left lane. When I saw this I moved to the right hand lane using the space at the pedestrian crossing. This prompted them to start frantically looking behind them to see if they had space to move into the right lane and they started to slowly edge their way into the gap in front of the car next to them so they could merge right when the lights went green.

    That was my signal to get a boogie on so as soon as the lights turned green I turned right and hammered it to the next corner, made a left, gunned it again and then continued around the block. The block was pretty huge and I was lucky to get two yellow lights at two of the corners. Was hoping to be able to get behind them and take their rego down but at the final left turn of the block I cought a red.

    I had at least lost them though, which is a good thing.

    So to anyone who see's a bright yellow old square hilux looking ute around those areas, be weary of it.

  2. Good thinking and observation. You saved your bike from being stolen tonight.
  3. Possibly by them dragging or punching you off it, or even hitting you with the car!
  4. i had a similair thing happen in my 32 gtr when i was coming home one night. was a vn commodore following me.
    i pulled up at a random house (parralell to the road) and they drove past slowly, so i followed them for a while, was extremly funny seeing them freaking and trying to get away, no hope. followed till i got bored. which was quite a while
  5. RIDE!

    You have learnt much young Jedi...
  6. Either that or someone's put a reaaalllllyy crappy private investigator into you!
  7. =D> Oh. That's funny! What a waste of money.
  8. Wow thats pretty creepy. I've found myself in some strange situations over the years mainly in cars which sux because it's hard to get away. Nice work observing these fools! The great thing about bikes is you don't even really have to go all that fast to get away, u just have to be clever.
  9. Back when I first got my car P's, I would just drive around the city (large town?) at night, just for the fun of driving.

    One night was pretty quiet and I was just cruising around and I noticed and older Subaru following me a 100 meters back or so. This went on for maybe an hour or so, just driving to random places and stopping in carparks or just on the street to see what they'd do. Every time I'd stop, they'd stop. I even stop in a small car park where it would be VERY obvious if he followed me in. He stopped across the road at a used car dealer, got out and pretended to look at cars. I at least got to get a proper look at him, some guy in his 40's wearing sunnies at night! That was it, I took off while he was still out of his car, got a decent distance away before I saw his car pull back onto the road, and then I preceded to take a very confusing series of back roads through suburbia back home and lost him completely.

    I still have no idea who he was or what he was doing following me. The car I was driving was crap, so I doubt that was it. Maybe he was just some creepy dude doing it for fun. Don't know...


  10. Or maybe you were about to become a lovely coat :eek:
  11. :eek:hno:

    I think I'd make a nice coat! :LOL:

    Maybe some matching shoes...

  12. *yikes*.... it all sounds darn creepy to me!. Ok, so the ute guys were maybe looking to take the bike, but the guy in the car... following another guy in a car.... eeeuuuwwwwwwww!!!!:shock:
  13. Told the cops yet? If they get a few reports about a yellow ute following people then they start hunting 'em... might even put those flashy undercover bikes to good use :evillaugh:
  14. i had a hi-ace van follow me for about 15min. i thought it was a little sus, considering the route i took was an odd one (was going a back way home, and decided at the last minute to go via a mates place), so i pulled 4 left turns and they followed. i stopped on the side of the road and waited watching the mirrors. i sat there watching them, and then they moved on. was a bit scary!

    i've also read in a couple bike magazines, stories of crims following people with bikes on the back of utes, on trailers, back from the trck, etc. they note the address, and come back later to steal it. the conclusion of both articles was to keep a look out for vehicles following you, and also minimise the time the bike is out the front of your place (be it on the trailer/ute/parked out front, etc). smart advice IMO.
  15. OP: Sure it wasn't undercover cops who were trying to do a rego check then thought you were acting very suspiciously changing lanes and turning and such? If it was cops you sure would have looked guilty of something to be that nervous which would have peaked their interest. Granted unlikely in an old ute but you never know.
  16. That's far to smart a thing for the police to do. But just imagine how many fines they would get to dish out, if everyone thought they were just another 4wder, or even any other not-obviously-a-police-car.
  17. A reaaallllly crappy one!!!!! ha ha
  18. I remember some time ago I was pretty bored at home one night so decided to go for a drive around town just for the fun of it. I was too lazy to work out a route myself so just decided to follow some P plater and let him do the hard work of navigating. Gee we went to some strange and out of the way places and I even got a chance to check out some cars in a car yard (thinking about trading in my old Subaru for something a bit nicer) but eventually I lost him around a few bends (probably would have helped if I had my regular driving glasses instead of my bloody Polarised ones!). Ah well, it was fun for an hour or so!


    OK, well maybe not but you just never know!
  19. Hahaha! :LOL:

    I could actually believe that's how the other person was thinking, except it was far too creepy! I deny all possible explanations, other than serial killer! :eek:

    Nice reply! Thanks!
  20. So basically you ended up back where you started ?

    turn 4 corners in same direction = square