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VIC Paranoia of a 'repeat' offender

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Captn Spock, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Warning this is a rant!

    To start off, let me just say, I am what most law enforcement officers as well as normal people will call a "repeat offender". I have never lost my license, but the record so far is pretty bad. I have 9 demerit points on my license. Yep, all of them on the Kawasaki. In the car, I am a nonna driving 5 kms under the speed limit.

    The split is as follows

    1. 3 demerit points - speeding 24 kms over speed limit. Country road, 104 in 80. Cop on a motorcycle with a radar in the bush.
    2. 1 demerit point - speeding 7 kms over speed limit. Suburban road, mobile speed camera in a car.
    3. 1 demerit point - speeding 5 kms over speed limit. Suburban road, mobile speed camera in a car.
    4. 1 demerit point - speeding 5 kms over speed limit. Suburban road, mobile speed camera in a car.
    5. 3 demerit points - speeding 22 kms over speed limit. Country road, 102 in 80. Cop on a motorcycle with a radar in the bush.

    I have been riding for 8 years now. But since the last fine, I am f--u--c*king paranoid. My wife does not drive (long story, but we're migrants and she never converted her overseas license and she cant drive very well so never got her license). But she is taking driving lessons and trying to get her license.

    With just 2 points left before I face a suspension, I have mellowed down significantly. To be clear, I am not one for speeding and I don't "slab it" all the time. But I ride at speeds I am comfortable with. On a straight country side road, a posted speed limit of 80 can easily be done at 100. Even on suburban roads, I may slightly be over the speed limit sometimes and I end up tripping mobile speed cameras but I am not above my riding abilities. I maintain safe distances with cages and other riders. No fancy monos or stoppies. Just straight up normal riding at my pace. That pace is sometimes over the speed limit.

    My paranoia has worsened since December. I was leaving home for a ride. I left home and after the first round about, I turned on to literally the next street in my suburb. It was 8 am. In second gear, I twisted my throttle slightly on the 6. Bang I saw 63 on the speedo. As I saw the speedo, I looked up and I saw an unmarked Grey Toyota RAV4 with a camera in it. I slowed down, but too slow. Went past it already. That street is 50 kmph. I was distraught. I can afford the fine, not the points. I turned around and did a lap of that street to make sure it had what I thought was a camera. It indeed was one! I noted the rego it was "SLB-XXX".

    I was kicking myself for it, but I couldnt help thinking how easy it is to do such a thing. I mean the slightest of throttle on this bike can take you got 60. For 20 days I waited for a fine to arrive. It never did. Every day I'd check my mailbox after work. I'd get nothing.

    Then I see the same RAV4 again! Parked on the same spot as last time. I am in the car, so no issues. I shook my head at it again. SInce this incident, I turn my head and look into EVERY car/SUV parked on a nature strip. And there is a lot of them. Every SUV is a potential mobile speed camera. I am also constantly on the speedo. **** I look at the speedo more than I look at the road. Not wanting to get any more points and lose my license.

    Then, I saw the RAV4 again. This time, there was someone in it! There is a gym near where this RAV4 was parked. A guy in his mid 20s was drying his hair with a towel. Im like wtf? This is an unmarked cop car, with the same rego. What was a civilian doing in it? I turned around and stopped to say hello to this guy. I couldnt help myself, I had to. The guy said he owned the car and knew nothing about cops or cameras.

    I was puzzled and thought I was going nuts. How could that happen? Today I saw another Grey Unmarked SUV with a camera in it in my area. Its license plate was "SL8 XXX". This time it had a camera and a cop in it.

    I now know I wasn't going nuts. But I still do not know why I have not received the fine.

    But kudos to the nanny state that Victoria has become. You have a paranoid rider on the road who spends most of his time looking at cars parked on nature strips and his speedo more than the road.

    I cant wait for the promotion already. I am going to maybe sell my road bike and buy a trackie. and also get a suzuki drz400 and do dirt riding. F***uck the road!

    end of rant.

  2. The dark side has clouded your vision
  3. I don't dawdle.... but if i get caught by a stationary camera , fool on me, if I'm not paying enough attention to my surroundings to notice THAT , well i probably shouldn't be riding.

    As for getting tickets from Police themselves, well that comes with the territory and how you deal with the officer by the side of the road, your attitude, can help a lot.
  4. Always polite and courteous with all members of the police force. You will find (hopefully not) that certain members of Epping highway patrol are less forgiving.
  5. You say you've been riding for 8 years and have a total of 9 points in that list. Loss of license in Vic, or election for 1 year with no points, is 12 points over a 3 year period.
    How many points have you lost in the last 3 years?
    I think in Vic all your points loss is recorded but only the last 3 years counts.
    So, you may have some pts to play with.

    From http://www.trafficlaw.com.au/demerit.points.html
  6. I was in a similar position to yourself about 18 months ago. I had a KTM Superduke which, if you've ridden one, you'll know what I mean when I say nucking futs! After about 1 month of ownership, found myself doing 108 in a 70. Cop was nice about it as I admitted I just lost concentration and rolled the throttle over a hill (which was indeed true). Mind you where I was used to be a 100 zone 4 years prior, and is an 80 zone all year round except Christmas when the tourists come.

    Long story short my paranoia got the best of me. I ended up buying a Husky 610SM for the road and an XR400 for the dirt. Haven't had a fine since, but I sold them both about 1 year later to buy a house. Should have another sports tourer (like a Zthou or something) by September this year :)
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  7. Been in Aus for 5 years only out of the 8.

    I have a total of 12 points to my name. 9 of which in the last 3 years. I "regain" a 3 point gap in September this year. Cant wait :)
  8. Just back off until then. Maybe even drive the car more. Be much easier to back off now until, at least, you get those 3 points back than elect to have no points for a full year if you reach 12. Remember you will have that option of 1 year with no points.

    There must be a lot of people in a similar situation as you or NSW wouldn't increase the pts total to 13 (big deal). Just take it easy.
  9. Yeah I'm in point preservation mode at the moment too...
    Monthly tack days, plus exposure reduction (less rides, less pace)
  10. I have been riding for 17 years, up to 4 years ago i was a bad boy- i lost my licence on my ps then was always points off. Then it has changed, i got to 9 points then i changed. havingthe slow bike and fast bike helps, even when i had the r1 last year i only rode it occasionally so i would be fresh and would know when i was speeding.

    It is a bit of a catch 22 that you will more likely get a ticket if you already have points off i think. I got pulled over last month and didnt get a ticke for lane splitting, they looked at my record.
  11. Light weight! In the last 4 years I've lost atleast 18 demerit points, been suspended twice and I'm currently in the middle of a criminal driving court case, with an unlimited suspension period possible. My mate who's joining me at court is facing his second criminal driving offense (jail is on the cards for him if convicted). We've spent collective $30 grand on legal fees (3 people 10k each) this court case.

    When we ride on the road these days, we're paranoid..
  12. Cameras stung you for 5, 5 and 7 over the limit? Lol Victorian cops and pollies, laughing stock of the world.
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  13. Those would have been 8, 8 and 10 over, 3kmh gets knocked off for error.
    Also cops don't sit in cars with speed cameras, they are operated by a private company.
  14. A practical suggestion that works for me anyway is to watch your gears. I'm in 2nd at 4000rpm for 50k, 3rd at 4000rpm for 60k, 4th at 4000rpm for 70 and at 5000rpm 80 and 5th at at 5000rpm for 100. Saw this trick on an advanced driving web site somewhere. Its pretty much driving a gear less than you normally would and the extra engine noise helps keep it slow. Might not work on the zx6 though.
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  15. That is correct.
  16. Since it is to cover an error it is possible that they might have been going 5,5 and 7 over.
  17. I'm sorry but, really, you are a repeat offender of some note, and you are expecting some sympathy?

    You do realise, don't you, that thousands of people ride bikes for millions of kilometres, enjoy it immensely and NEVER get booked, not even once?
  18. Yes hornet. I am a repeat offender. I said it myself. And No I am not looking for sympathy. I have merely shared what countless others are going through. See comments above.

    It is very easy to claim moral high ground when others have shared their faults.
    Yes, I know the mantra "no speeding, no fine". Victoria is probably at its worst at the moment in terms of traffic policing. But you wouldnt know that sitting in your home in Wollongong. Repeating the obvious is condenscending and shows that you have little empathy for others.

    Besides that. I am sure you accrued points too mate. If you have never ever accrued any points for speeding on your bike, then you have never ridden a motorcycle properly or utilized more than 10% of its capabilities. That is undisputed.

  19. #19 hornet, Jan 28, 2012
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    Undisputed? Maybe by you, that's all. I've ridden more miles in more different sitautions and states than you've dreamed about. And I've been booked twice. As I said, thousands of riders ride millions of miles and don't get booked, ever. And they probably ride better than you.
  20. Oh it is, is it?
    Undisputed by whom, exactly?