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Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Azz, Jun 2, 2006.

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  2. Tears


    And more bloody tears

    that is awesome
  3. I'm still going sky diving for my b'day tho :LOL:

    That clip won't put me off... just hope I don't have any probs with my chute :eek:hno:
  4. I think the catamaran getting tipped over was the best bit!
    Thankfully, i'd say these clips are fairly non-cringe-worthy... so all those who dislike people getting seriously hurt, your safe viewing these.
  5. :LOL: I like the one where the guy is running and the parachute rips off his back, there used to be a good one where some chick is standing on the beach behind a speedboat and one second she's there and the next she's gone :LOL: i always thought she would have got major wiplash from that.
  6. I think this is the one you mean:
  7. Yeah thats it :LOL:
  8. I keep my aircraft at Brooklands in York WA where the Skysports parachute club is. The club has been going for 5 years and in that time they have had 4 deaths and 6 serious injuries. Anybody who jumps out of a perfectly good aeroplane needs their head read in my opinion.
  9. I did a skydive once - it was magnificent, especially since my poor best mate whose buck's turn it was did it bollock naked with another dude videotaping it. Wow, talk about high speed thigh slappage! That video was an instant classic back at the pub with all his buddies around.

    I wonder how many jumps there were per death or injury Inci? I wouldn't see it as a massively risky sport, and it's a pretty incredible experience jumping into a picture postcard, falling through the air at 200kmh, and then floating to Earth.

    Especially, I'm told, if your tackle is undulating wildly in the wind.
  10. :LOL: never thought of doing it nudie :eek:

    won't be getting that videotaped tho... would end up on the net somewhere :oops:

    Only 2 months til I get to jump out of a perfectly good plane :LOL: can't wait :p
  11. Yeah i cant wait to go skydiving im doing it in 2 months aswell. But those dont put me off in the slightest. Except maybe when the parachute rips clean off his back. but meh what can ya do??
  12. Where are you going to do it?? Have you booked in yet??

    I want to book in soon, but haven't decided on where I'm doing it... only know one person that's been sky diving but he did it in NSW.

    Is that sky diving place in Negambie any good??
  13. Yeah im still looking around, Negambie i heard are quite good. Ill send yeah a PM when i find out more and when i book in.