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Para Port 1977...mmmm

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by CrazyCam, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. Hi folks.

    Well, with the onset of winter (who me, I didn't vote for it!) I was feeling a wee bit on the cool side.

    Not quite cool enough to start onto the single malt whiskys, but too cold for beer.

    Them I remembered this bottle of port that a mate had given me years ago.

    Label sezs 1977 Para Port.

    Man, this is nectar! :)

    Only problem I see is that the current bottle is awfully wee and won't last long.

    Am I correct in assuming this stuff is stupidly expensive?

  2. Not expensive at all ... at least not until the summons arrives for whatever you did after drinking the whole lot :ROFLMAO:
  3. Port-whoo hoo,just cracked a chateau carbor.
    4 lts,here we go.
  4. Should that have been chateau cardboard, or are you a litre into it?
  5. I've got a 1944, and a bottling #119, they aren't worth that much but nice drinking.
    I've got some 80's Granges that are worth a lot more.
  6. Also got a 6 pack of Duff beer for you Simpsons fans.
  7. Is that from when they were released by a South Australian brewery in the mid 90's ?
    I can recall unopened slabs selling for $10k in the trading post.
    I still have one can from buying a six pack after the cricket. I was with 2 mates. We all owned a can each and ditched them as the beer tasted fkn revolting. We took a can each for novelty reasons.
    I believe the brewery got a Cease & Desist letter from the creators of the Simpsons in relation to copyright etc.

    About 18 months ago someone started making them again.
    You can see flogs on eBay trying to stooge folks into thinking they are from the mid 90's and asking top dollar
  8. Just cracked open a bottle of a Bordeaux. But I do like a good port.
  9. Ive got a few Hill of Grace,a nice drop that.
    Alas, the sensible one says they are not for quaffing at BBQ's.
  10. hmmmm ... a few people imbiding tonight ... I take it this isn't a school night :whistle:
  11. Yeah that's right @MelbourneMick, I had a six pack left from a carton that's been sitting in the shed since then.
    I wonder whether the shonky ones look the same.
  12. Lovely drop, one of my faves. Personally I rate it above the Grange.
  13. The original ones are predominately yellow in colour with Razorback Breweries written on the side.

    The recent lot of what I believe to be imports are predominately red in colour. They won't have Razorback Breweries written on them either
  14. Here they are
  15. Already into a couple James Squire pale ales. Enjoying my last night before another relay to Darwin
  16. Dont forget your go-pro.
    Lots of idiots out there.
    Specially at level crossings.
  17. Tell you the truth I don't really care about the idiots at level crossings. It not going to hurt me at all. Hmmm how did you know about the Gopro?
  18. As long as they don't look like this you are on a winner !
  19. Geez that's cheeky isn't it, chinese probably.
  20. It's actually German