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Papers from the 2012 ACRS Road Safety Conference.

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by robsalvv, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Here's the thinking of the road safety movers, shakers and dogooders in one place: http://acrs.org.au/events/2012-acrs-conference/program/papers/

    Below is a bit of a culled list of some of papers that might interest riders or might be related to riding...

    Peer-reviewed papers:
    Anderson, CMotorcycle safety barrier trials in South Australia: Case study – Adelaide Hills
    Bailey, S – Discussion of road safety related trends influencing the Queensland 2010 road toll: the lowest since 1952
    Baldock, M The use of protective clothing by motorcyclists in Victoria: evaluation of the Community Policing and Education Project
    Breen, L – Establishing a sustainable road trauma support service in Western Australia
    Cumming, B – Analysing and managing the cyclist-driver Interface using “conflict path analysis”
    Ellison, A – Profiling drivers’ risky behaviour towards all road users
    Hutchinson, P – Risky behaviours: preferable to crashes for evaluating road safety mass media campaigns?
    Regan, M Naturalistic Driving Studies: Literature Review and Planning for the Australian Naturalistic Driving Study
    Watling, C – Exploring perceived legitimacy of traffic law enforcement

    Non peer-reviewed papers:

    Berces, A – Improving worker safety through better visibility
    Boyce, GOrthopaedic injury patterns in motorcycle trauma in Victoria, Australia
    de Rome, LPost crash health outcomes for protected and unprotected riders
    de Rome, L – The Pedal Study: characteristics of bicycle crashes in different cycling environments
    Faulks, I – Addressing issues of driver distraction in traffic offender management
    Faulks, I – Traffic policing and road safety for individuals and for populations
    Horsnell, G – Towards survival on the road: a whole-of-life road safety programme of learning for all road users
    Katz, R – Making bike safety research count
    Knight, E – An interim review of Victorian municipal road safety strategy development
    Tooth, R – An insurance based approach to safer road use
    Truong, JMoving with the times – Transition of the Ride Smart CD-ROM to an Online Environment

    The naturalistic driver study referenced above might be very very important.
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