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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. has anyone had any success in making any of the paper models from the Yamaha site? http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/index.html

    Spent an hour last night on one of the 'easier' ones before I decided that my fingers are just way too big for the small folds and glue tabs. Are there any hints 'n' tips?

  2. Those models are awesome!

    I'll have to try my hand at making one, seems like a mamoth task just looking through the pdfs though
  3. Sweet! They have my bike. (Shame it's not in black like mine, but there you go).

    I've downloaded it to give it a try.
  4. Print it bigger.
  5. Here's one I made a year or 3 back.
    And a tip. Patience is a virtue.
  6. I'd started the MT-01... but that was almost 12 months ago.
  7. i can make some good paper aeroplanes
  8. Hey Roarin that looks great :grin:

    Ima print one off tonight and give it a go, i wanna try the cruiser,


  9. WOWWWWWW! :eek: That looks GREAT! :cool:

    How tall/long is it? :grin:

    ... it looks like something I might have a go at :p
  10. yup - about full size would just about suit my fingers