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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by enforcer, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. Although urban camo looks good, I've started to notice people looking at me funny when wearing them around work :LOL:

    So it's time to buy new pants that don't stand out as much while at work. I was looking at black denim from Draggin Jeans again, approx $200, but for that price there's got to be other not so flashy practical pants.

    Any recommendations welcome.
  2. What about the Draggin cargo pants in black?
  3. Dont you just hate pants?

    Whats the chances of getting a group buy on Draggins? I'm sure people would be keen if we could knock the price under $150, which shouldnt be too hard
  4. Draggin traffics.......give em a try
  5. I have the black Draggin Sports Jeans.

    They're great.

  6. Black Draggins + Running Bare 3/4 tights = Summer comfort and protection......
  7. Didn't know that you can get them in black cargo pants...I've only seen the brown version...will get those if I can though.

    What about that dry rider stuff that people talk about. Also I don't want to spend more then $210 since this will be a second pants I've bought.
  8. I got the black draggin jeans, most comfortable pair of jeans I own...:LOL:
  9. I've got a pair of draggins cargos - most comfortable pair of pants I own - and a pair of black draggins chinos to wear with a business shirt (for when I ride to work). As chinos go they're a bit heavy, they almost feel like a pair of jeans, but they're not bad.

    I've also ordered a pair of draggins camo pants :)
  10. I ve had my draggin blue jeans for a couple of years now and they only get more comfortable as I keep wearing them.Id definitely recommend them.Sometimes they have em on special on www.mcas.com.au for about 160-180 I think
  11. Oooooooooooh Yeah!!!!

    I'd be in - I want a pair of camo ones :grin:
  12. Very very comfy draggins trafics are, ive even gone out in em.
  13. I'll Second that. I wear my draggin traffics around ALOT. Hell i even road to melbourne in them when they were BRAND NEW!! That's right folks, i hadn't even taken the tag of them yet before i departed for melbourne and they are VERY comfortable!!!