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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by thestig, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So I'm doing the right thing and spending a bit on my gear before I get my bike so that I dont just save up enough for the bike and then buy a crap helmet and leave it at that.

    With pants though, I'm a bit torn between getting some draggin jeans or some dririder type pants.

    Obvioulsy the jeans aren't waterproof and probably don't offer as much protection but are much more practical when you arrive.

    Dririder stuff is pretty much the opposite, more protection but you look like a tosser swish swashing around in bike pants when you get wherever you get.

    My question is, does anyone know if there are like slip over kevlar pants that you would wear normal jeans / pants underneat and all the pants do is provide protection and water resistance?
  2. Dririders ARE the slip-over pants. Theyre baggy enough to wear ordinary clothing underneath.
  3. Lol,, my bad then!
  4. or you can get K-legs by draggin jeans, which a kevlar leggings which you can wear under anything else. although not waterproof.
  5. I second the K-legs suggest... Was gonna try and get my K-leg wrapped ass into gear to write a review but no time...

    I bought them cos its now winter and my initial concern was warmth in summer... damm I'm glad I did... they're awesome, can wear whatever pants you like to work etc.. only issue is rain....

    my solution is i bought some rainbird rain pants.. they fold pretty flat... i wear an ecternal back protector that straps on independently so I remove the back protector from my leather jacket and guess what? the rainbird pants fold flat enough to fit in there ready for any rain....
  6. :!: Woah. Top idea - I'm gunna do that. Cheers Birdy :grin:
  7. Tossing up getting kevlar leggings and MX style strap on knee armour, and buying pants, i realised.

    armoured, waterproof, zipout quilted liner overpants are going to be warmer, safer, more practical, and cheaper.

    In summer I tend to ride for ridings sake, so i'd take out the thermal liner of the pants and probably wear nothing underneath. If I was a commuter I might consider the leggings with some normal, $2 rollup rainpants to stash under the seat. In fact, if I do start commuting thats exactly what i'll be doing. Jacket, rollup rain pants, kevlar leggings, strap on knee pads, backpack, ventura rack.

    In winter, I'll be keeping the overpants and dririder jacket. Looking like a puffy goose doesnt matter when its 4 degrees and raining, or at night. I'm warm, comfy, and loving my trip.