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Pants - What to buy.....

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by deafwish, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. I have done a search, but can't really find answers.....
    I need to buy a pair of bike pants and i want to know whats good value.
    I have a budget of $300 (firm!), less would be ideal.....
    I have a Dririder Sport textile jacket and am open to suggestions on either leather or textile pants (can you get armoured in both?).
    Will happily consider second hand gear....
    Thanks for your educated views in advance.
    Daz. :wink:

  2. I like my Draggins, $199, just had to have Mrs Hornet shorten them a little because my girth is out of proportion to my height. very comfortable, warm in winter, and, perversely, not hot and sticky in summer, despite being quite heavy in weight.
  3. Also look reasonably acceptable as normal jeans when off the bike, (off, that is, when walking around, not as in crashing!)
  4. i find crotchless leather chaps work just fine , and they look so hip when worn with a little pink "g"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    but when im out on the bike 99% of the time my draggin jeans are my main choice. done 1000's ks with em on and there still going !

  5. Bob, you're in the wrong thread, this isn't the "Frock Off Friday" thread, this is "Pants ....What to buy" thread!
  6. Oh your no fun !! i was sorta serious with the Draggin jean bit though

    But i really do prefere my chaps :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I wear Joe Rocket Jeans.. They're a completely different fit than Draggins and way shorter in the leg, about the same price tho. I actually wear a mens size. Very comfy.
  8. Another vote for Draggins. Can be had for ~$150-200 depending on if they're on sale or what style etc.
    They come in cargo style, normal jeans style (black, blue & acid washed), camo style, even Chino style!

    There are alternatives, there's Sidi/Spidi pants that also use kevlar but apparently use less of it. There's a Joe Rocket pair of pants that are again a jeans style.
    All of these you can wear around the casual office / shopping centre, etc. and not draw attention to yourself (other than your boots, helmet & jacket :p).
  9. I have had a brief look at the Rjays armoured textile pants and they look good. Anyone use these?
    Are the Black Rose Leather pants any good (cold, hot, sweaty, restrictive etc....)? Can i afford leather pants in my budget?
    Do you really need armour in pants?
    I really have no idea sorry all..... :roll:
    Daz. :wink:
  10. i got a pair of rjays lightning pants.....100% cordura. they got a removable inner lining.

    its been cold lately so they keep me nice and warm, not sure wat it'll be like when its hot though. they're pretty bulky though with knee and hip padding. plus they got reflective inserts in the legs which show up very brightly at night off cars headlights. its waterproof and breathable.

    i was riding late at night and even though i had my army jacket on which is quite thick my upper body was still cold from the wind whereas my legs weren't.

    i'm still a learner so i wanted the safest pants i could get. they're about $240
  11. l Just luuuurrvvvve my cargo draggin jeans.

    Leather Alpine star cat pants next for me... :wink:
  12. Do they look naf or half fashionable?
  13. nah they definitely half fashionable to a point.

    meaning they don't look crap. i think they're the best cordura pants at the mcas store in parra. the cheaper ones did look bad and had less protection so i payed little more for better looking pants with better protection. make sure when you look for cordura pants that they're 100% cause the guy told me that some of the dri-rider and the cheaper rjays ones are partial cordura.

    i think they look good when i'm on my bike with dainese leather jacket. but for walking around they look like track pants....you know wat cordura's like.

    i think the ugly pants are all plain. these got ribs on the sides of the hips and has a different textured material at the shins. so although they're mostly black it doesn't look all that plain. on the outside of the pants from halfway up your calf down there's a vertical reflective strip on both sides. i think they look alrite but my friends think i'm going skiing.

    like i said i wanted protection first and i've seen how strong the reflective these work at night, you'd be amazed so i'd definitely wear these at night over draggins based purely on that.

    i'm still a learner and am still scared on the roads!
  14. Dont wear pants.
    Its a fashion amongst netriders at the moment, to go bare arsed, especialy to coffee night.

    I have a pair of Draggin cargos that I bought from ebay for around $120 - 150 (I cant remember) and they are definetly a good investment. So comfortable that I wear them all the time :p
  15. hey if u want nice textiles, check out the dainese ones. they're pretty funky.......i don't know the prices though. most likely over $300
  16. It's true that REAL MEN don't wear pants. 8) :LOL:

    Nah, they do. I have some Force cordura pants. They look reasonable but more importantly they're practical. Unlike leather, they're 100% water proof. The inner lining keeps me warm but if I take it out I can waer em over pants to go to work. They also have plenty of protection built into them.

    If you want something specificly for crash protection, go for leather because it's the most abrasion resistant material available. However, if you're going to be riding everyday then the cordura would probably be more comfy and useful to you, particularly during a wet Melbourne winter. :wink:

    I got mine down from $300 and something to $250. A smile can go a long way in this world. :wink: Blue eyes help too :D
  17. You should buy the best pants you can afford with the most protection. That is with some armour and weather elements considered. Wet weather pants with armour and reflective strips are popular and well priced. Leather is not as uncomfortable as people make out. If you wear leather all the time it becomes like a second skin. Just think body protection first and sex appeal second.
    Depends on how often you ride also. Right now it's cold and wet so you'll want to buy to suit this however you may need a second pair by the time summer rolls around tho'.
  18. They must have been smelly after 1000 k's. no wonder they kept going by themselves!
  19. Oh, how I wish I had said that!! (Just kidding Bob!!)
  20. oops, doubled up :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: