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Pants sizing question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by silentmalek, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys

    I tried on some Hornee jeans when I was organising all my gear on saturday (not long now, woo!).

    The size I usually wear felt really loose when I tried them on (about an inch give around my waist).

    The salesman said this was right, but it felt really odd given the firm jacket/helment/gloves. I could quite easily pull them off without undoing them, which worries me.

    Any advice? Should I just get a size smaller or is there something i'm missing? (quite possible given im a newbie!)

  2. i've got a pair of hornee's and they're a size smaller than my standard jeens
  3. Get a belt.

    I found draggins a little bigger for the size i normally wear. Loosing weight didn't help.
  4. Yer, I have a pair of Hornee jeans and they're a size larger than you think. Ie 32 is actually 34. I just wear a pair of shorts under them. Feel like clown pants tho.
  5. I wear 34 as well, I think I might change to 32 when I go to pick up.

    How do you find them when sitting on the bike? Perfect or would 32 still be better?

    They feel/look ridiculous walking around, so I think I would take a change of jeans with me....which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing just jeans in the first place.

  6. You buy what is the most comfortable, I would go the size smaller , if its not to tight.
  7. A size down would be just right I rkn. They're cut extra long and with the boot leg they should still be fairly loose around the knee when on the bike.
  8. try them on, then ask to sit on one of the bikes... should give you an indication of how they will go on there
  9. I'm a size 34 in normal clothing/jeans. But i'm wearing size 32 hornees. The hornees are still a little bit loose when sitting on my bike but i prefer jeans to be a bit loose as opposed to tight. Personal preference.
  10. As with all replies above, I take a size down in Hornee compared to everything else (usually a 30, take a 28 in Hornee). Even the 28 though is a bit loose for me. I put them through the dryer each time I wash them and they are good when I first put them on but after a while they loosen up. There is nothing worse than constantly having to pull your jeans up when riding.

    I personally would go for tighter because if they are loose they will probably move if you fall off (and you will lose the skin of your arse). If you do go for the bigger size, maybe look at having the zip in your jacket zipped onto the jeans so that you can zip your jeans and jacket together. I'm having this done at the moment in the hope that it solves my problem.
  11. Why would you get hornee? Draggins are cheaper, sturdier, and local aren't they? I found their weave more comfy too.
  12. The denim on the Dragin is sturdier than the Hornee but denim doesn't provide any protection in a slid. It's a false sense of protection. If you turn the Horney and Dragin pants inside out you will see that the hornee's have noticeably more Kevlar.

    Regardless they are both decent pants and the choice depends on the styling.
  13. I guess. If coverage is your issue simply buy a pair of the kevlar "leggings" and wear them under *anything*.
  14. For you Liq, taken off the Hornee website:

    Hornee jeans is an Australian company, based in Sydney.

    But it also says,

    Hornee jeans are produced alongside international designer brands by a leading global manufacturer

    So yeah, i'm not sure whether this classifies the brand as "local" or not. The website does not strictly say where the products are manufactured.
  15. To be honest, it was just because they had a pair in black. Not a great fan of the 'silver', too power-rangish for me. I would also consider the blue draggins if they are indeed better.

    It looks like at least i'll be supporting an aussie company either way!

    Cheers for the replies - i'll def. get a size smaller, and jump on the bike to see how it comes together. I'd rather they be a little tighter than come off and lose my skin!

  16. Hope it works out for you. Keep in mind that *on the bike* the pants will ride up a bit. I think these jeans are cut a little long for that reason. Worth considering, but not so much if your planning on using boots i guess.