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Pants: no consensus I think, (another dragging vs Leather)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Faramir, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone

    I briefly scanned for topics involving Dragging jeans, leather pants etc. I found no consensus. Everyone wrote too much and I become more confused.

    As a newbie (and it's Springtime soon), I do not need to wear nice "looking" pants. I get sweating legs easily (in summer). I plan to bring a pair of trouser, shorts or tracksuit pants in my bag if I go anywhere.

    From what I seen, draggins look like normal jeans. I read that you can put knee protectors on them.

    Hornet600 suggestion of wearing a 3/4 lycra pants under leather made sense to me.

    I think I am leading towards the leathers. Any brief/short responses? (If I ask a bike shop, they'll prob tell me anything to convince me to buy their excess stock at their desired prices?)
  2. oops, I forgot to mention Sydney weather. warm days, cool nights during springs. I plan to do both day and night riding. Prob lots of night riding during summer. (I guess I will be copping lots of mossies on my face shield).
  3. Get both. Each has their advantages and disadvantages.
  4. leather first then draggins second
  5. Re: Pants: no consensus I think, (another dragging vs Leathe

    You're not alone, I am also confused.
  6. Just bought a pair of Draggins, love em. I would suggest Draggins for cafe racing and leathers for more spirited rides.
  7. ^^Hehe @ "legal riding" Just be careful how much you give away there young son :p

    I recently just got a set of two piece leathers and they are pretty warm during the day but they provide excellent warmth at night.

    Next step for me is some draggins but I have to agree with "leathers first------>then draggins.

    I'm sure most of you would agree that the degree of protection leathers provide is far greater then a set of kevlar enhanced "jeans"
  8. I have both leathers and draggins. They both have uses at which they are better at so your confusion is from trying to decide which is better.

    Neither is 'better' they are both 'better' at certain things.

    If you can afford both then get both, if you can't then decide if you are a hooning sports rider (get leather) or a slower more sedate rider (get draggins) or a 'must have the top possible protection type' (get leather) or a commuter who doesn't want to get changed at work (get draggins) etc etc :)
  9. That's me :D I've two pairs of draggins now, jeans and chinos, they're great. As 95% of my riding is to and from work, they suit me fine.
  10. My 2c.

    If you are going to do the bike thing long-term then you will end up buying leathers AND have a pair of draggins AND a vented summer jacket AND a rain/winter jacket, track boots, tour boots, summer gloves, winter gloves etc.
    If you do buy leathers first my advice is to buy the top and bottom at the same time as a matching 2-piece suit, and get something decent. This may be more expensive up front but cheaper in the long run. Having mismatched top and bottoms is rarely the best solution as I have found out. A good set of leathers will last at least 10yrs if you look after them (and you don't change shape or crash too often).

    Now your question of draggin jeans. A while ago riders had the choice of leather bike pants or normal jeans/pants. Then the armoured dri-rider pants came along for wearing over the work pants on the daily commute. These were fine if it wasn't a hot day and you had somewhere to stow them once at your destination. Then, along came draggin jeans (and other kevlar lined jean brands) and suddenly we had another option that offered a potentially higher level of abrasion protection than jeans (and some impact protection with the armour fitted).
    Draggin jeans are no match for good leathers, even with the knox armour fitted, period. I would place them between leathers and normal jeans for protection and below good armoured cordura overpants. They do rate top on the convenience/comfort factor.
    I own a 1 pair of draggins with another on the way (black cargo, and soon sport jeans) and use them for commuting and around town riding, I know their safety limitations and accept that.

    If you are on a budget and just on a bike get a pair of draggins (with knee/hip armour and a quality CE armoured dririder which can be used year round (one with vents/mesh AND waterproof/thermal liners). To make this combo more crashworthy sew a connecting zip at the back of the jeans to join with the jacket, some jackets come with a zip for this purpose.
    Then get the good leather suit when funds allow.

    If you are committed to riding and can afford the big outlay get a quality 2 piece suit now...
    ...Its August now so you'll get a bit of wear from the leather, and have about 2 months to save up for draggins and a vented jacket for summer commuting :grin:
    I'm a Sydney rider too and you won't feel like wearing your leather during the summer months unless you are off for a scratching hoon or big day on the bike (hint, for Sydney get more wear out of your leather suit by buying one that has perforated panels and vents).

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    Disclaimer: I always advise wearing full leather riding gear and backprotector all year etc. Bikes are dangerous etc etc :wink:
  11. Thank you for your input everyone. I will get both the leathers and draggins.

  12. I've had 2 off in Draggin cargos and I am still wearing them, though they are looking a bit raggered.

    Thoughts include:

    - Both prangs were around 60 km/hr, so not that fast.
    - In one accident the jeans moved around on my skin and took skin off my hip, but not that bad. Certainly not as bad as sliding down the road.
    - They are black cargo and get very hot in summer. You are basically wearing 3 layers (the kevlar is 2 layers in places). Go light coloured cargos if you get the chance.
    - They are good in winter.
    - The jeans fit funny. Cargo's are more comfortable and I would never wear cargo pants in everyday life. I hate them. In the draggins it's clear once you try them on.
    - I still don't think they are as good as leather, but are a little more practicle. My next clothing purchases will be leather, because I wasn't impressed by the way my jacket performed in the accidents.
    - You can't wear them around after the ride too much. They chaff.
  13. When I had my accident a couple of months ago, I was wearing my old Dainese pants with armoured knees and shins. It was only that night (a dull ache) and the next day (when I looked at the damage) that I realised that I came down onto my knees. The leather wasn't required, but I'm pretty sure the kevlar armour did a good job.

    Mind you, wish I had them for for the summer season and trips into the city.
  14. I love my Draggins it means I just chuck on a pair of jeans and if I'm riding into the city I can wear them out as well. Beside they just look cool.
  15. Apropos of the thread title: I'm fairly sure there's a consensus that it's better to wear pants. ;)
  16. By "armour" do you mean rigid inserts? Or just kevlar padding that's thicker on certain spots?

    I'm going to invest in some proper riding pants this weekend, and I have seen the jeans style ones with the rigid armour 'bolted' to the outside [knee sliders... but also shin guards and something at the hips too].

    I know leathers aren't for me with my current riding & bike.
    But Draggins are looking good...
  17. Draggins are cool to wear, if leather wasn't so hot in summer and were waterproof I would only wear leathers.

    I know draggins not as good as leather but heat stroke on a 35C plus day is no picinic either.

    But I always wear a leather jacket, perforated for summer use.
  18. on a HOT stinky day both the dragons and lethers are HOT HOT HOT.. on days like that I prefare my roo lether pants... as long as I'm moving I'm cool...
  19. My Dainese pants (leather) are rigid kevlar inserts.