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Pants n boots

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jetz427, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. i currently wear just normal jeans and leather shoes to do to uni at the moment (well as a good jacket, god gloves and shoei lid)

    i just wanted to get your opinions on pants and shoes
    should i go for kevlar lined jeans and proper shoes?

  2. :roll: Yes
  3. :roll: YES! regular jeans are useless for protection. Even the Kevlar jeans do nothing for impact damage, but at least you won't lose skin. (generally speaking).
  4. If you buy a pair of kevlar lined jeans, make sure you like the look of them otherwise you won't wear them.

    Like Raven said they don't do anything for impact damage, so you might break bones, but theres less of a chance you'll get bad road rash and flail off all your skin.

    Bones heal, skin doesn't grow back. Up to you whether it's important to you :LOL:
  5. A mate of mine went to the gym down the road from his house (5 minute ride). He thought it's close, he'll wear his gym gear (ie t-shirt & shorts). He was riding at 60 kph when a car flew out of a driveway. He went over the bonnet & skidded/slid his way up the road.

    He now has some nasty scarring & his story about having his body scrubbed in hospital with a wire brush (to get the gravel out of his body) ensures all of his mates who ride always wear protective clothing no matter how hot (in Darwin).
  6. Go the proper gear as soon as possible. I had a friend of mine come off at 20kph. Had the proper jacket, gloves and shoes but normal jeans. Result, a large scar on one knee and several weeks of being unable to walk.
    I have Draggin jeans, (untested as yet) and they are comfortable.
    As for shoes, leather shoes are ok, but ankle protection is really important and make sure they wont slip off easily if you are sliding down the road.
  7. Draggins even offers Knox removable knee and shin foam impact protection that velcros onto the kevlar inside their jeans... For a while (do they still do this?) the inserts were included free with the jeans.

    Plenty of good, comfortable riding boots that are nice to walk in, look more or less like normal boots, and offer good ankle support, waterproofing, insulation and more, too.
  8. Hornee jeans - look like normal jeans, but keep your skin attached to your body.

    Good boots with shin and heel protection
  9. with regards to jeans, be very careful when buying any of them, other than draggins which openly advertise the kevlar, and liberally use it!

    i recently found my jeans, which i thought to have a kevlar thread 'blended' in, simply had kevlar knees, and double the denim on a thin strip down the thighs. the res is shitty normal jeans :shock:

    another mate, who had some Shift jeans, found this:
    fat lot of good that will do!
    you want kevlar material, sewn in against the denim, much like Draggins. i dont know if any other brand make them the same or not.

    or just buy some leathers :cool:
  10. its true that you need to buy a pair you like the looks of or you seriously won't wear it.

    draggins are great protection but aren't my cup of tea when it comes to jeans of choice, i'm currently looking at the alternatives.

    hornees - afaik these have the kevlar inserts as shown on their website and protect pretty well, however they make them kind of loose (homie style) and i'm just unable to find a pair i like

    shift - these are comparatively affordable compared to the hornees and draggins but as someone pointed out only have 6% kevlar woven in and i'm not sure that they have padding

    icon - these are also fairly affordable, and have small pieces of kevlar patches (they call it aramid) sewn into the knees and waist area, double stitching to try and prevent the jeans coming apart on a slide and double layer denim on the buttocks and lower back thigh area... so far i like the looks of these the best and will have no problems wearing them each time i ride - to me this is a better bet because as they say, you can have the best protection available but if they're in the closet when you come off they wont do jack!
  11. How do the Hornee's compare to the Draggin's??
  12. I'm on this quest too; been looking at the draggins but havent tried 'em on so not sure as yet... I have to walk around HEAPS at my job and cover a lot of ground so need comfortable jeans and shoes. I probably will end up with overpants (like dririder or something?); Already have a good Motoline jacket, gloves and helmet but as for boots - been wearing my Doc Martin 10-holers and have to change into my walking shoes when I get to work. Riding in ordinary jeans worries me a bit right now...
  13. Please buy the boots first if you're short on cash

    Ankles don't grow back