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Pants for larger waistss

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by n000b, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know where in Melbourne I can find motorbike pants (either jeans or textiles) for larger (womens) waists? All of the shops I've checked only have pants for twigs :(

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    It isn't easy. You could try Draggins jeans for guys. I wear them bc my arse is too big for ladies ones. I find the waist too big bc my hips are the problem (so I wear a belt), but if you have a large waist, you might find they fit better.

    Another option is to have textiles or leathers custom made by someone like Tiger Angel. Pretty exxy, but fit and quality are great. I've had textile pants and leather pants and jacket custom made. I'd get Draggins custom made if I could too, but the don't do it unfortunately.

    ETA: Draggin do larger women's sizes too I believe, but they weren't large enough for me. Might be ok for you tho, so worth checking. You can buy direct from their warehouse in (I think) Port Melbourne(ish), so you can try them on there. Might be difficult to find those sizes in stores.
  3. try tiger angel, the quality is worth the extra as they last forever. had my element pants for 6 years and one stack and only had to replace the knee padding after the stack and the velcro a few weeks back when it stopped sticking.
    reproof them every year or so
  4. Just try the mens, most of my gear is men's stuff. I like my gear to be loose and comfortable, and practical. Not super tight and super expensive. I was looking for some cargo pants for work the other day, go into K-Mart find some, and then try them only to discover they are skin tight, and the pockets were fake. I am not a large women by any means, a tall woman but not a large woman.
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll investigate those options :)
  6. How did the investigation go?? I tried to slip on a pair of XXL women's winter pants (dririder) and it was a joke. Almost as if the larger size was only longer in the leg not the waist. I wear sz20 draggins but I'm despairing for warmer long ride pants.
  7. Ixon Luna Star pants are listed to 7XL. Probably a special order though.
  8. Try RJays Vector. I could get ones that 'just' fit over my Draggins, and I'm bigger than you. Quite good wet weather pants I found, so they'll help keep you warmer...