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Pants, Boots & Icon Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Danish, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. I've been searching online for a pair of pants and boots for warm weather riding.

    So far I've checked out:

    I've also been through a few other US and AU sites that aren't worth a mention. So far I have settled on Icon, Joe Rocket, and Alpinestars.

    I currently have a Joe Rocket mesh jacket with armour and a pair of Alpinestars short gloves. Both all black.

    I picked out a few that I'm interested in buying:

    Icon Barrier Pants

    Icon Super Duty Pants

    Icon Anthem Pants

    Icon Recon Pants




    Joe Rocket Stage 1 Pants

    Joe Rocket Velocity Boots

    At this stage I'm leaning towards the "ICON 2006 FIELD ARMOR MOTORCYCLE BOOTS BLACK" and "Icon Anthem Pants". I prefer blue jeans over black jeans, black nylon pants and leather. Black coloured clothing gets way too hot up here. I do like the blue Icon jeans with the mesh air ventilation but I also want a pair of pants that I can wear out at the same time.

    The only problem is that when I searched on Google for reviews on Icon gear, most of them came back negative. I've read of gloves falling apart, helmets breaking and stitching coming loose. So the effect would be disastrous if you came off your bike.

    Does anyone on the forums wear anything by Icon? I'm sure there are lots of people including myself that wear Joe Rocket and Alpinestars without a problem. It seems very easy to buy all the gear we can't get here overseas reliably and most likely cheaper.

    It seems the styling of the Icon gear is not matched by any of the other manufacturers, especially the reputable ones. Does anyone have any suggestions or sites that I should check out before i buy?
  2. Hi Danish - I wear an Icon jacket (love it!!) but I have never come off in it so it has not been put to the test... I am very happy with the construction of it, I feel that it is a very well-made jacket all round. I previously had a Motodry jacket which the stitching is coming undone on (velcro rubbing on stitching... not good). I have only had the Icon jacket about two months, though I wear it just about every day, there is no stitching coming loose or anything (though on close inspection it needs a good wash!!! :-O)

    I can't think of any sites where I read reviews on Icon products...
  3. hello Danish, can you please post up the sites you think are worthless, so I know which to steer away from? I am currently shopping for some knee and shin guards and also kevlar jeans. Been told Hood Jeans is very good and has more Kevlar than Draggin Jeans.
  4. icon do top gear IMO. i've seen it in action in MULTIPLE stacks and it holds up better than i'd expect from anything really.

    just ask padros, he's the one i've seen stack more often than i ride. the gloves are awesome, they've copped a thrashing for some time now and the jacket just survived (albeit a a little scarred) a 100+ kph wheelie stack.
  5. I wear Icon motorheads. I think they are the most protective “casual” boots that you can get. I put casual in quotes because they do have a fireman boots look and are quite heavy. Not the most comfortable boots you can get but construction seems to be absolutely bulletproof. I have used mine for about 2 years for daily riding and they still look like new apart from a few minor scratches. When I looked at Field Armor boots they seemed to have been derived from motorheads but with cheaper construction and less protection.
    Of the sites you mentioned, I would not touch motostrano now with a ten foot stick. I ordered from them twice. The first time about a year ago. I ordered frame sliders for a duke, got them in about 4 weeks, no worries. A straightforward transaction. About 3 months ago I ordered the new Icon Strongarm (quite a nice jacket actually). I had a few questions about sizing, discounts, shipping, etc. Before I ordered, the online guy (Joe, if I recall) was really friendly. Answered all my emails almost instantly, very friendly manner, etc. Among other things he promised me a 15% discount. So I ordered. The next day I find that they charged me the full price. I send an polite email asking for their story, 3 or 4 days later – no response. New email, after a few days a very curt email asking me to forward his original email. So I do it, a week later – zip. And so on. My conclusion – they suck you in, but once they got your money, you are no longer of any interest to them. Do not expect ANY aftersales assistance or even to be treated with respect. Especially if you are an overseas customer.
  6. Hey there Danish,
    I had my heart set on some Icon gear and with timing I just didnt get around to it, but I was down to two stores...
    The first was knee draggers, and the other which I think I would have gone with was www.island-racing.com, nice people, fairly cheap, cant hurt to look there too :).
  7. btw as far as websites go you try newenough.com
  8. ricecooker: Where did you get your Icon jacket from?

    vvp: I might have to consider the Motorheads then. As for motostrano I'll heed your warning. What are the Motorheads like for temperature and comfort for everyday use? I would be wearing them walking around town as well as on the bike. Do you have the white or black ones? I wear a size 12 Nike shoe, would that be the same size for Icon?

    Anthony: I didn't mean they were worthless sites, they just stocked gear I was not interested in.

    It's a shame only Joe Rocket makes a sneaker type shoe with ankle protection. There is no way I'd wear knee high black leather boots in this weather.

    As for jeans/pants does anyone have any recomendations or wear any themselves?
  9. Even though I have a Joe Rocket mesh jacket. I was looking at the Icon TiMax range and found a similar mesh jacket but with what looks like more protection.

    The NewEnough.com website had an extra image of the inside layer of mesh and had it's own review.



    It looks like it has more armour, even a few titanium plates (seems gimicky). The TiMax also comes in a normal textile without mesh.

    Quite a few of their jackets seem fit for hot days, including the Hooligan:

    But some of them look at bit too thin, even though my Joe Rocket one is purely mesh. I would really like to know how the mesh holds up once skidding across the tarmac. I'm sure it would disintergrate and melt onto your skin. The initial impact and first ten meters should be ok though!

    What model jacket did you say you had ricecooker?

    If I had the cash and the weather wasn't so hot up here I'd get the Skull Jacket:
    It would make me look at least 10% tougher as the DingleBerries President.

    It's a shame that newenough don't do Icon pants.

    It seems http://www.motorcycle-superstore.co...nt=113&manufacturer=284&Division=1&closeout=0 do most of the Icon range. But apparantly with some of these US stores they do not ship to Australia. We're apart of ANZUS and the don't even ship to us, what's the point! I'm hoping newenough deliver to Australia, they seem to have better pictures and unbiased reviews of Icon.

    As for pants, I'm pretty sure these Icon Recon jeans look like they would prevent the "I've just wet mself" look when you get off the bike and go shopping on a hot humid day. http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=5415&department=113&division=1#

    I do like these Icon cargo pants, they look strong and have large pockets. They seem like they would get a bit warm after a while. I do like the Khaki and Woodlands look as well http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=15810&department=113&division=1.

    Back to shoes, I just found the link to the sneaker type of Joe Rocket shoes I was interested in; http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/item.aspx?style=9106&department=115&division=1.
  10. got some icon summer gloves and they are pretty kwl -- icon gear rocks
  11. Mine are black. Got them from newenough, they do ship internationally but from a different website than the one I mentioned bf http://www.newenough.com/intl/index3.htm
    I normally wear between 11 (euro 45) and 12 (euro 46). I hate loose shoes and Icon dont do half sizes so I ordered size 11. They were very tight and took a while to break in. I would think that you would need at least 12. As I mentioned they are not the most comfortable shoes and are quite heavy, but ok for everyday use unless you walk for a living.
    If you want something lighter there are these dainese shoes from a bunch of slightly confused Germans. I bought from them before and they are all right.

    One thing to remember when you shop for Icon gear is that they don' t allow their resellers to advertise below rrp. So it always pays to ask about a discount, in most cases you can get the price down by 10-20%.
  12. Thanks vvp. I think i'll get a pair of size 12 Icon Motorhead boots then.

    I'm still deciding on which jeans to get.
  13. Well as you have read in another post, I purchased a pair of blue Icon Anthem jeans in a size 32 (could have gone size 31 if it exists). I also bought some black Icon Motorhead boots in a size 12 (could have gone size 11). So far I'm happy with the gear.
  14. since you have so much time on your hands looking for stuff on the net, can you find me a new stylus for my navman? :p
  15. vvp (or anyone that can help): i was going to order some icon gear from http://www.newenough.com/intl/index3.htm in the next couple of days,

    Just wondering how long it took you to get your stuff over from america?

  16. Not long at all if they have it all in stock. Couple of weeks, three weeks tops. Even quicker with expedited, but not worth the extra cost.