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Pants and Boots for lady pillion

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by VladTepes, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Aloha.

    Girlfriend (or whatever she is this week) already has a mesh jacket and a helmet, but no boots or pants for wearing on the bike.

    So first question - what pants would people recommend for a lady pillion?
    What about the Kevlar jeans options - are there any tailored for womens shapely bums?

    Boots - as I rider I prefer decent boots but for a pillion are those "shoe style" ones more/equally suitable?

    I welcome any opinions - especially from lady pillions !
  2. have seen some very shapely bums in kevlars, and get her proper boots too. same stuff you wear, good for you, good for her!!
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  3. Same as if she were riding the bike. Draggin Jeans are always a good fit. I wear ankle length riding boots and I used to wear them too back in my pillioning days, as long as they protect her feet and ankles. Normal sandshoes wont do the same. Riding gloves too. :)
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  4. You're the first female I've ever heard say Draggins are a good fit. :) I find them a really strange cut but agree they are the way to go for her.
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  5. Maybe they just fit my weird shape :)
  6. Nah she's not a weird shape, she's just weird :LOL:

    Thanks for the tips. Already have gloves for her as well.

    I am torn between the kevlar jeans versus textiles. I suppose if she is more likely to wear the jeans then thats probably teh way to go. Seems that Motolegion dont do female fit jeans, anyone know anyone else aside from Draggin (available locally) and do they all tend to have hip and knee armour in 'em ?
  7. I liked Draggins because they had a higher waist compared to other brands. No point wearing them if I'm going to get a couple of inches of gravel rash around my waist. No armour in them.
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  8. Would that be the same sizing as for normal jeans she wears ? (anyone know?)
    I know nothing of womens clothes.
  9. You need to take her to try them on.
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  10. he he Honey we're going into the internet.....

    I'll need a Tron bike.

    Does anyone know where these are available in Brissie ?
  11. Ask Tak, he would know if one's available
  12. I meant the clothes but I like your way better.
  13. Check out the womens styles in these too http://www.tkdjeans.com/ lots of stores sell them. They have a removable kevlar liner and aren't cheap but cheaper than Draggins.
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  14. My g/friend wears Draggin's and they fit very well barring being a bit too long. She simply cut off and hemmed the excess. She also has leathers and her bum looks good in either leathers or jeans ;)
  15. This thread is worthless without pics.
  16. Of the jeans or how good Blaise's GF's bum looks in the jeans?
  17. Definitely the latter and leather as well as jean for a comparison for those people still undecided which to get.
  18. despite the tedium, make sure you go try them on with her. My GF went and pro-actively bought gloves without me and while they were very pretty, they were not very protective. :facepalm:

    She is not a rider btw.
  19. I don't get the whole short boots thing. I get iffy just looking at them... why wouldn't you want the extra protection for the ankles and shins of higher-cut boots (assuming you buy a decent pair)? I guess both styles have their pros and cons. Each to their own but I couldn't really justify it myself; both rider and pillion are human and on the same motorcycle. If I were going to be a pillion I would still wear -all- of my good protective gear.

    Same deal for me with them being too long, though I wear my boots over my jeans anyway. Love Draggin's, yay to the general fit. Only issue with mine is that the fly always seems to make its way undone! :-s