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Pants advice please!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Silmaril, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. I bought a pair of draggin jeans a couple of weeks ago, they're great, no problems at all.

    Murphy himself looked down and chuckled, and I now have a job where I can't wear jeans. :evil: Yet to get to work will involve 30min+ rides on freeways.

    So I need new pants, despite being stony broke, and was thinking either draggin's chinos, or some sort of textile overpants setup.

    Anyone have the chinos? What're they like?
    Do textile overpants exist?

    Ideally I want something where I don't have to change when I get to work, at most, taking off overpants. In short term, I'll probably end up wearing the draggins and changing once I get there though. :(

    Any suggestions?

  2. There's no shortage of optiions for pants that can go over your work slacks. Their usually waterproof too. To make a list of all possibilities for brands and styles would take 7 pages, so it's probably easiest to have a look in a bike shop or two and see what they have. :)
  3. Jeans

    Can u wear them over another pair of pants?
    Sounds stupid but i just ride in my work cloths saves the hassel but i havent got that far to ride.
    Got over pants too but thats more for the rain.
  4. That are protective too? I already have a pair of waterproof overpants, and have seen lots of them around. Are protective overpants common? Will go looking tomorrow. Might be more versatile than draggin chinos.
  5. there was a thread here the other week, aparently the dragin chinos are pretty good option for office/ride pants.
    or you could just get changed at work.
  6. cheap and the easiest, i did it for three months (ride gear into suit mode) before my office changed dress codes and i can wear anything i want, yay! :p

    what's the new job dude?
  7. As far as changing at work... at the moment I have no luggage setup, aside from a humble backpack - I really miss the topbox I had on the postie!
    So, will be looking at trying to carry ironed pants in a backpack, along with half a ton of books etc :)

    New job is teaching :) I've been waiting for registration to come through, now it has, can start doing emergency teaching!
  8. Yep. I have Force touring pants that will quite happily go over pants with the liner out and they've got impact and abrasion protection. Level of protection will vary with the price you want to pay. :)
  9. Parking your bike at a school you're teaching at huh?

    Stay on the good side of the kids. :wink:
  10. Pants Advice Please!

    Always wear them!

  11. ?????? so you can carry half a ton of books but cant fit in a few grams of pants??? and you still buy pants that need ironing, mate spend a few extra $$ on some decent wash and wear or microfiber or decent cargo pants.
  12. Like Sean said there are lots of options/brands -best bet is go to one of the larger shop and have a browse - i have motodry duo pants and they're fine with the liner out and even do the same with joe rocket razor suit over work clothes - luggage is better option if you have to ride far and appearance counts - tend to get creased up.
  13. Yeah, that's my worry with taking work pants in the backpack. Will be having a look around this afternoon, at the draggin chinos and overpants option.
  14. Not that I'm recommending it at all, but I regularly see a guy in the Perth CBD on a Harley sportster, in a business suit with the trousers tucked into bike boots, and a pair of those strap-on pads skateboarders wear over his knees......definitely an 'individualist'......
  15. Congrats on coming over to the teaching side, Sil.
  16. I've got the Tiger Angel Elements pants that fit neatly over work pants. If you get them custom made (a few dollars more) they will tailor them to fit.

    I have worn a suit coat under my Tiger Angel jacket as well. :roll:

    Generally though I just wear "good" pants under the TA pants and keep a jacket at work for when I need to go out during the day.
  17. I've got Draggin' chinos and yeah, they're fine. Very comfortable, too. The down side is that being exposed to road grime, weather etc. they can look a little messy by the time you get to your destination (as will any garment).
    Can you store a couple of pairs of pants at work, and change when you get there?
    If not, have a look in the travel shops for one of those clothing packs (usually made of cordura and mesh) that will allow you to keep everything folded up neatly and flat while it is in your backpack. Then you can transport them easily and change when you get there. And while your there, have a look at the lightweight microfibre travel pants they sell - dressy and absolutely crease-proof.
    Most overpants are waterproof which is fine in winter but unbearable on warm days. You might find some summer ones around if you look hard.
  18. Silmaril - sorry if my text was not puntuated correctly - with the luggage route i don't have any real problem with creasing - I use a canvas satchel for my pants and any minor creasing drops out after a couple of minutes. you can go better by rolling in a towel or similar - they won't crease at all (a trick i was taught when i used to fly everywhere).
  19. I also find it a pain to get changed at work, so i went with the draggin chino's. they are a pretty good alternative i reckon. They pretty much look as good as any other chino type pants. but like all draggins, they do get hot in summer.

    With regard to packing shirts and pants in a backpack, a little trial and error will show you the best way to avoid creases. Some shirts will simply not stay nice and will look terrible after an hour in a backpack but other will cope OK. The good thing in winter is that you can always just throw a jumper over your creased shirt and no body would ever know.
  20. I've got draggin chinos too, and used to wear them everyday to work. They're pretty comfy, but one problem I found with them is they tend to fade, and they do like to crease a little too. And like titus mentioned, they cop any bugs you have to ride through to get to work too. I still wear my draggin chinos to work, but not everyday.

    I now have Ixon Climber overpants, they're great. Waterproof, with armour and I think they have some sort of abrasion resistance (I would hope so!). I suspect they may be rather hot in summer, I've seen Motodry summer ones before which are much the same, but made of mesh (so obviously not waterproof, but still protective).