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Pantry moths, how do I get rid of them!??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. Unfortunately for me, there are moths in my pantry :(

    I've knocked out the visible moths and cleaned up the obvious grubs... but clearly that's just the start. I'll need to take some action to be moth free.

    I haven't pursued the supermarket options yet, but wanted to know whether NR as a collective whole had some solutions I should consider.

    What should I do?!?!?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. A tin of petrol, a match, and a quick exit normally works.

  3. What sort of moth? Not the small silvery coloured type with the triangular wings by any chance?

    How you get rid of them will depend slightly on what exactly they were feeding on. I'm guessing they might have been meal moths which means that even though you've removed the grubs you should really dispose of any open food that may still contain unhatched moth eggs (which are tiny and damn near impossible to spot by eye).
    Next step is to remove any unsealed foodstuffs from the pantry and get yourself a bug-bomb from the supermarket that is also designed for killing insect eggs. Set that off in or near the pantry, making sure to follow the instructions on the can (especially the bit about leaving the house for at least a couple of hours) and with any luck the moth problem should be solved.
  4. Hey Rob

    Are these the pantry moths that have small maggot like larvae that crawl through your flour etc? I know they have a name but can't remember. I remember now, weevils.

    I had a manifestation ages ago because I was buying a lot of organic stuff and without the pesticides they had a fun time. The solution is Bay leaves. In each of my containers I would sticky tape 2 bay leaves to the lid. And this kept them at bay.

    I also put some random ones around the pantry too.

    At the massive expense of $2 or so for Bay leaves and a bit of sticky tape, has to be worth a shot.

    Good luck

  5. A weevil is a beetle. Telltale sign of those is the appearance of what looks like cobwebs in flour products.
  6. pantry moth traps

    they cost bugger all and you just put in a folded bit of cardboard in the pantry...

    a couple of weeks later there'll be no more moths! Worked a treat for us
  7. Taa fellers, I'll hold off the petrol solution since I still wanna live in my house! :)

    I don't think I have a weevil issue - no tell tale signs. I can't say exactly whether the moths are meal or otherwise, but they look a lot like this:
    ...perhaps a little browner. Hate these little buggers! There are also grubs which are up to 10mm long, cream in colour and have an affinity for corners... I suspect they're looking for somewhere to pupate.

    I've just read some horror stories on line on other forums so I think I have to act quick. Right now I have a manageable situation... 10 grubs cleaned up this morning, a couple of moths sprayed... if I can break the reproduction cycle, I should be right.

    Throwing out stuff and cleaning like mad seems to be an important part of the answer. Bay leaves and the sticky carboard idea sounds great... first stop after work will be to get some traps and bay leaves and then turf out some food.
  8. Yep, those were the little buggers that I had. Ate their way through plastic bags and through air tight seals and all!!

    So musn't have been the weevils after all. Does this mean that they are the lesser of two weevils? (sorry that is a very sad attempt at humour!) 8-[

    Good luck!!

  9. That'd be an Indian meal moth by the looks of it. Ones around here tend to be more silver, less brown (spent 2 years working in a flour mill so all to familiar with them).
    The grubs are often known as waxworms and are very good at finding safe hiding places in which to pupate so you will need to keep an eye on it. Life cycle of the eggs is around a week so if there's no new grubs in that time it's a good sign, life cycle of the grubs however is 1-2 months so it'll be a while before you know if it's all clear.
  10. Is that like Bat in the Belfry? :p :LOL:

    Is that like a Magical Infestation? :)

    I knew that organic stuff was bad for you. Second thoughts, maybe the protein from the grubs would be good for you. I'm not sure about the texture when eating them though. :roll:

    Okay, I was bored. I'll be quiet now. :grin:
  11. Oh you'd be surprised how many make it into the food you eat already :wink: .
  12. Probably not. :) As long as they are all chopped up and well cooked, or at least mixed in well. :cool:
  13. I clicked on this thread thinking the title was some elaborate euphemism.

    I was disappointed.
  14. Put your cereals and flour etc in the freezer, this will kill all the bugs. (leave them there for some period of time, and slowly try to figure out where they come from.

    Usually they were already in the product before you bought it home so perhaps some porridge that has been in their for ages and never eaten
  15. :? Hmm Loz, I agree it was disappointing to read it was about bugs!! Here I was relating to moths in my purse (no $$) & thinking Rob was out of food :LOL:
  16. Pantry Loz, the word is pantry.
  17. Tony works for adelaide pest control.
    i'll ask him when I get home.
  18. This is the method we used to get rid of these moths .....

    1. throw out everything (and I mean everything) which isn't stored in glass or plastic containers. Then buy a whole lot more glass and plastic containers to put the replacement stuff in.

    2. Take everything out of the pantry and give it a good clean out.

    3. before you put anything back into the pantry, spray along the edges of the shelves and if you have adjustable shelves, spray inside the holes - yes the little sods lay their eggs in there. (you can even stick tape over the holes to trap any moths that hatch after you've sprayed)

    Wait one week after spraying before you put your stuff back in the pantry, If the pantry is empty, it's easier to see if they're coming out of any of the nooks and crannies in the pantry shelving, etc.

    These things are surprisingly tenacious, we even had them infesting a bag of table salt! :shock:
  19. :roll: some people are just no fun at all
  20. :rofl: LMAO.

    Jd, you've been making some pearlers lately. Taa mate :rofl: