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Pant wet weather

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by neomut, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    After riding half way into work this morning (Melbourne) and getting nailed by a semi light shower (which I rather enjoy when I am warm and dry :) ), I have found that my summit pro pants have started to fail after only having them for a few months. Basically they failed around the crotch area, which as you can imagine you really cannot rock up in my line of work drenched like that :)

    I have read through the forum, but have not found an answer to the following questions. (Please do bear with me I have only been riding for about ~15months:) )

    For pants - I really do like the idea of the dririder summit pros. Armored, warm and I can wear them over a suit. (Down side they leak :))

    Now I am trying to figure out if it is my neglect which has caused them to fail or if they just suck :) and I need to purchase a better brand/style.

    I never waterproof spray them (as it doesn't say I should in the instructions). Is this my failing? If so what sort of "stuff" shoudl I get to waterproof them? How often should I use it? And where can I get it (melbourne)?

    If price where no object (keeping in mind that I love the armor, warmth and ability to wear over a suit of the dririders) what other options could people recommend for me (and a place to by in melbourne would be great :D). Low maintenance would be a bonus:) I am not keen on pull over plastics.

    Thanks for any input guys.

    Oh, and Hi! :) I have read the forums alot over first post though, nice place you have here :p
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  3. Mate, that looks perfect!

    Thank you very much.


    PS Love the avatar, red dwarf = quality :)
  4. I've got a DriRider Rallycross Evo jacket and the quality's pretty ordinary. Oh yeah, the "waterproof" liner isn't either.

    So it's more likely the gear than you.
  5. I bought some "Motodry" over pants yesterday before having to do my licence test in the rain. Soon found out they were more like "MotoWet."

    Not that I intend on doing a lot of rain riding, I would like to find another option.

    The person at the bike shop told me the problem with pants leaking around the crotch (no jokes!) was that water tends to run down the tank.

    I like the look and sound of the Tiger Angel element pants, but for $400 i would want to do a lot more rain riding.
  6. I understand the dislike of plastic pull-overs (not keen myself) but the only effective waterproof strides I've ever owned were a pair of yellow plastic cheapies, bought for 50p in a flood ( :LOL: ) damage sale. Lasted for years and never leaked a drop.
  7. Me too PatB. But mine are relatively new. Bought them for a few bucks at RSEA (a safety shop). I keep them in my topbox and they are completely wind and waterproof. Not the best looking pants but as long as the right gear is worn underneath - leathers, textiles, draggins and similar - they are perfect. (I just wear thermal pants under the lot if its really cold.)

    Perfect in Melbourne where it only really rains once a month lately and you never know when it is going to happen.
  8. Call me naive, but I maintain that if a garment is advertised as 'waterproof' that should mean the crotch area as well. Yes, water tends to run down the tank and collect down there, but if the garment was designed for bike use that shouldn't be a suprise to the designers/manufacturers, and it's not an excuse I can accept.

    Yet it is very hard to find gear that really remains waterproof. The really frustrating part is that what you get seems to have more to do with your luck than with the price... grrrr...
  9. I completely agree with you, if they say waterproof it shouldnt let any water in. I guess that is easier said than done though.

    I just won some Ixon Climber waterproof pants on ebay, hopefully these do something helpful.