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Pant Pants Pants!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by rbarge, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Hello All,

    Got most of my gear now, jacket (moto dry) gloves helmet etc.

    Only item on my list now is pants, what type of pants are best. I live in QLD so think leather are going to be a bit hot, and they look a little bit off :LOL:

    So I think it's down to Draggins or the motodry waterproof type ?

    What are best?
  2. Draggins, or you could try the new Hornee pants (and, no, I don't have an interest in the company.....:D)
  3. You don't need pants. Never.
  4. where is everyone buying these hornee pants from, i can't find anyone in vic that is stocking them?
  5. Never heard of 'em

  6. to damn right, ride naked!!
  7. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewforum.php?f=5

    Also came in for mention in the Sydney Motorcycle Show thread
  8. Does anybody else find it funny when a British person says "nude" and it sounds like "nyood?"

    Then again, it's also funny when a bogan says "noode."

    Top word all round, that.

    I vote Draggins, or else a nice breathable pair of Cordura dacks, they can be quite cool in the summer.
  9. ...so we have uncovered an interest of your's, loz?
  10. What, nyudity?

    Hee hee hee!
  11. I have an ungoing debate with my girlfriend.

    to take ones close off is to "Nuddy up" or "Nuddy down".

  12. I always heard it as to, 'nude up', along the lines of 'beer me up'. 'Nuddy down', hmm thats probably best left until after the nuding up process... 8)
  13. See I think it's Nuddy up, because you are reaching a higher state of nuddiness
  14. Who cares if she's nuddying up or down as long as she is :p

  15. 4 posts on topic.......everything else is crap, well done guys

    ps admin can we have a off-topic section on the boards where the above members could post
  16. Chill... this is a forum, not an educational venue...
    and you're sounding like the primary school teachers pet :p

    FWIW... In Qld I'd just buy some draggin jeans and some thin nylon waterproof overpants for when it rains. Anything else is going to be way to hot if they're waterproof as well.
  17. maybe i just need to bump up my scroll speed on my mouse :roll:
  18. When you are off restrictions and you can ride a 1000cc rodent...
    not a 250 mouse you'll understand grasshopper...

    *rides away quickly before people throw things at him*
  19. I recently bought some Joe Rocket mesh pants - fairly decent for riding in the summer. i'd guess the abrasion protection isn't all that good (maybe on par with draggin jeans?), but they have knee impact protectors. They're certainly a lot more solid than the Motodry and dri-rider mesh pants i saw.

    cost around $230 from Springwood suzuki.

    Also, "nudibranch" is a funny word.

  20. In Qld I would go the Draggin's (can get armor for them) and waterproofs because from memory in Qld it doesn't rain, it pisses down :)