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Panning for dirty bikes.

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Roarin, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Went and tried a bit of panning after work today. First time I've really tried it. A couple of reasonable ones I think

    1024Pan by speedync, on Flickr

    1024Pan2 by speedync, on Flickr

    1024Pan3 by speedync, on Flickr
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  2. The focus of these is pretty insane. What settings were you using, like shutter speed and f-stop?
  3. Nice pics.
  4. 1/160 - 1/200 and f9-f10 judging by the exif info
  5. Wicked - definitely conveys the feeling of speed...
  6. Was quite a sunny day, so I used ISO 100 and stopped down to f9 or 10 to get the shutter speed somewhere around the 150th -200th of a second. The trick is to try and get the shutter speed slow enough to blur the wheels and background but still try and get the bike reasonably sharp.
    Then set the focus point on centre point, and servo mode. Tracked the bikes for about a second to try and get the panning speed right and then just hit the shutter. A bit tricky getting a sharp shot as the bikes are going over a jump and are travelling vertically as well as horizontally so quite hard to follow them smoothly in both axis.
    Here's a link to a larger resolution picky so you can admire the full effect of the motion blur :) http://i.imgur.com/oF3FP.jpg
  7. I wouldn't have a clue who "Matt Jones" is, but I reckon he'd buy that shot off you ;)
  8. Nice job roarin. For settings depending what I am shooting,Race bikes/motor sport I start at 1/125 then change accordingly.
    Non bikes try this as a rule but rules are meant to broken
    Make sure that the speed your shooting will suit the mood that you want, as a general rule, i tend to shoot 1/(speed of the vehicle) as a general rule, and then adjust accordingly... the idea with panning is to get motion blur in the back ground.
    if one thing I can say is PRACTISE PRACTISE.
    But saying think you have done a top job
  9. those are some ripper pics ...Well Done :)
  10. Awesome shots, damn clean dirt bikes too LOL
  11. I was thinking panning as in looking for gold in creeks; couldn't figure out how you could get a dirty bike out of a creek :LOL:

    nice pics, mate, I always preferred panned shots than high-shutter-speed frozen stuff...
  12. Thanks. The pleasure is all mine. I just like taking pictures, and if someone else enjoys them, that's all the better.(y)