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Panniers for Striple?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Greydog, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I was in PS today on other business, but had a drool over the Street Triple whilst there - probably my next bike.

    Does anyone know if you can fit panniers to it? The pipes are high under the seat which makes me think not?

    You think someone would make a heatproof thingy to go over the pipes, or is that a dumb suggestion? Do anyone's pillions lose their leg hair?

  2. There are heat guard plates installed as stock on the street triple. I'd say there are on pretty much every bike with a high up exhaust. Thing is they don't cover the full length and width of the mufflers, so it would depend on the saddle bags, mounting system, etc as to whether you could put them on or not.
  3. Of course, quite natural... go with it :D

    You can get special rack doo-dads for panniers as depicted here http://www.pure-triumph.com/products/1350
    for these http://www.pure-triumph.com/products/1349
    snazzy eh?
  4. Or just get a strap on.

  5. I was concerned re the heat from the exhausts. The salesman didn't contradict me when I mentioned it, nor did he mention any bags available from Triumph or otherwise. Hmm.

    I have strap ons for my current bike, but I have to be careful how I situate them to avoid melting them. Difficult to avoid on the Triple b/c the exhausts are so high. I like the high exhausts so don't want to change from stock.
  6. I don't mean strap on saddle bags. The kreiga gear sits on the seat.

    I use it on my speed triple no issues.

    Up to 50 litres on the back.

    Google it for pics
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I don't find tailpacks suit me for various reasons, including a lack of flexibility. Panniers suit me better. I've used tank bags, but they get in the way.
  8. sheepskin MIGHT help if you use it as a liner, keeps the heat off the straps etc. just a thought..