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Pannier fell off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by monstar, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Has anyone ever had a pannier fall off? On my way to work this morning I merged onto the hwy and ran over a pot-hole, not a big one but the bump was enough to dislodge the pannier.... I'm not really happy about this as I only just bought the bike last Saturday. It had my laptop in it at the time and thankfully the pannier didn't open up and the laptop is ok but the pannier is scratched and marked and this is a brand new bike!! Anyway I'm hopeing it will be a warranty repair... has this happened to anyone else and if so, how did you go getting it replaced under warranty?

  2. was it absolutely securely attached, or was it possibly not locked in properly?
  3. the way the panniers lock in you can't remove the key until it's locked, so yes it was. I did a google search to and it seems this is an ongoing issue with the GTR's
  4. If the bike is new & they put the pannier on then I would settle for nothing less than a new one.

    They just don't fall off.
  5. agreed with hipster doofus, whom by the way, has an awesome name.

    don't settle for less than a brand spanking new one, especially if it's an ongoing issue with these bikes. that's piss poor!
  6. I agree with hipster as well

    ( not to make fun of your situation but if this works out well one day you may be able to smile and say in the future " I had one of those but the panier fell off" )
  7. A pre start-up check would avoid this, frankly.


    Unless something failed.
  8. MV yes something failed... I packed it before I left, locked it on and took off, got about 40kms or so before it bounced off
  9. This was on the GTR?
  10. Fair enough, find out what failed & present your case to whomever you bought it off, & go from there.
  11. Not a panier but i have lost a saddlebag after hitting a massive pot hole. Hind sight is a great teacher, i should have key locked the bags on instead of relying on the quick locks.
  12. yeah mate, the 2011 GTR 1400 model.
  13. Yes, I know the feeling. Cradle Mountain Rd (rough dirt), Tassie, early 80's, Ducati 860 GTS with homemade pannier rack. I felt the lurch as it departed, looked in the mirror and saw the pannier cartwheeling down the road at 80kph, lid open, all my gear spraying out. My mate nearly fell off his bike laughing.
  14. spoken to the dealership/manufacturer yet?
  15. On my Ducati you don't use the key to put the panniers on. Only to unlock them from the bike, or open them up. If you have the key in the lock when you put the panniers on, it is possible to not quite lock them in properly, or partially unlock them when removing the key, if you aren't very careful.

    Without the key in the panniers they lock in very firmly with a solid click, and will not move until you unlock them. The Ducati system works very well.

    Are you sure you need to have the key in to attach the panniers, and if not, are you really sure that they latched on firmly, all the way?

    EDIT: Actually, it does look like a bad design. A heavy load in the pannier, such as a laptop, could make it bounce off. See http://yfrog.com/9ggtr1400z
  16. Did you get it from Team Moto @ Maroochy. Not a bad bunch of guys. Give Marty a call and see how you go.
  17. I'm looking at getting one of these and would like to know if the issue has been resolved.