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Panner's suzuki

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by john w, May 3, 2009.

  1. Hi
    I have a M90 I have had it for about 4 weeks now very nice bike to ride
    what I'am looking for some panner's as the suzuki panner's are about $1100 is there a after market panner[/b]

  2. You can try K-drive or similar, not sure if they make fitting for m90 yet, pretty sure they do for m109. Send an email to Z power or ask where you bought the bike, they should be able to find out from the distributer. The suzuki bags are crap IMHO.
  3. I agree no a big fan of the suzi bags
    I have an M90 and I just don't see myself doing saddle bags.
    custom dynamics have some kurykian ( i appologise for the spelling) bags that sit on the pillion seat. the big ones i think need a back rest but they look very impresive espacially the one with the beer cooler and stereo options :grin:
  4. The K-Drive website is indicating end of May 2009 release for bags to suit M90.

    Boulevard M1500 / M90 (2009)
    Intruder M1500 / VZ1500

    Dimensions : 52cm x 32 x 18
    Capacity : 50L available end of may 2009

    Our saddlebagsets are available with various styles of bags :

    HC 153S9: saddlebagsset with Iparex bags
    CL153S9 : saddlebagsset with lockable Iparex bags;

  5. Do you want Panniers (hard shell) or Saddlebags (soft - leather usually)?

    On my M50 I have K-Drive saddlebags as mentioned by Chris above. They're good, and I like the key removable style. My only issue is that the opening of the M50 bags barely fits an A4 folder.
  6. I like the K-Drive on my M50 too. Like you they are a little small, luckily I have a small notebook (which just fits) :p
  7. John what do you want to carry?
    I have a few bags i am looking at pillion mount between 70 and 100 liters
    happy to let you know my thoughts

  8. Gday John, great bike hey, ive had my M90 for about 3 weeks now, its done about 1200k's and its awesome. I have one question for you concerning the seat (nothing to do with panniers i know) but how do you find the seat on the old tail bone? Mine hurts after only a short ride and its not gettin better

  9. Hi
    I have not had any problem with the seat I belive that you can get a gell seat. tell me how do you find the gear box when changing gears is yours quit or load. Yes the bike is awesome hep's of power it purr's at 100k or over....
  10. Hi John, changing gears is a breeze my only complaint is occasionally hittin nuetral on short changes from 1st. Although all the changes are quit clunky, but so was the 109 i test drove.