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Panigale RECALL???? Already!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BitSar, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Over on an Aprilia forum I found

    Take note - don't get onboard with first gen MOTO's
  2. Old news bro.
  3. don't buy Version One of ANYTHING!!!
  4. Wow - slow of the mark eh ](*,)
    Just found it.......

    I can't believe after all the hype that THIS is the reason for a recall.....it boggles me

    Close thread if necessary

  5. New news to me.

    I was reading an online review about this bike - it absolutely bristles with technology... I was thinking, "shit, that's a lot of things that can go wrong?!" and it's a screw that's the first problem. lol

    The reviewer said if you don't take this bike to the track, you aren't doing it justice... that's a helluva lot of self insured bike to prang though...
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  6. lol! how funny! all of the new tech in the bike like rob said and a screw is the thing that screws up? haha!

    yeah never buy anything 1st gen. let them get the kinks out.
  7. Sheesh, this news is about 2-3 months old. The issue was caught very, very early and subsequently only the very first batch delivered were effected.
    Still am amazing looking machine, I have seen quite a few on the road and was just drooling over a couple more only minutes ago... Yes I'm in the US!
  8. Uh? in the US.....

    They are here too....you know that yeah?
  9. Up until 3 weeks ago I had only seen one 1199 at home and it was the tech bike. In 3 weeks of being in the US, we've probably seen 30 plus of them and a Desmosedici.
    Just sayin' yeah...
  10. Ducati city have sold many - I was in there ~2 weeks ago and the current tally was 30ish sold - 10 delivered.

    They are a stunning machine - not my sort of thing - but still you can't ignore their engineering and technology.

    It will be very interesting to see how these things cope in the real world.
  11. Those that say never buy anything 1st gen,,,
    I've got a 'Gen 3' Z1000 (2010)
    Totally new design. Shares nothing but the name with models before it.
    Hasn't missed a beat :)

    Oh, hang on,,,
    There was a recall on the first 183 (worldwide)
    "The front suspension may cause the brake hose to come in contact with the front brake rotor resulting in damage to the brake hose."
    Kawasaki's fix?? Re-align the brake line by fitting a grommet (secured by a cable tie) around the L/H brake line so it couldn't touch the rotor!!
    OOPS!!!! :rofl:
  12. Saw one twice or two around town the other day. The lack of underseat exhaust really bugs me visually. Do not like.
  13. I feel confident knowing that my swingarm has never randomly come apart in the last 24 years. Ducati, pfft.

    But seriously that sounds quite bad, having the rear end come apart from the bike at speed sounds like a really easy way to die. i wonder if its a ducati global problem or if the swingarm bolts are fitted when the bikes land in the USA. If its the former, ****ing lol.
  14. At least they are fixing them all!

    Many brands have problems that are never fixed by the manufacturer, so i would instead give ducati props for doing something instead of standing the and blaming the owner like the other brands.

    Shows that the manufacturer wants the customer to choose them again in the future.

    One of the reasons i would think carefully before ever buying a suzuki again.
    They just blame the rider, even though they later redesign the parts so it cant happen. Apparently i had two connected assemblies fail because ( paraphrased official answers)

    1 st assembly - " must be riding too slowly"
    2 nd assembly -" must be riding too fast "
    Unfortunately, both assemblies failed at the same time?

    Cost -approx $7000. No help from suzuki
  15. a*b*c = x
    If x is less than the cost of a recall, we don't do one.
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  16. I think that's the best bit. Makes the bike look so small, svelt, light. Mass centralisation and all that.

    Regarding the recall - who cares? They have identified a possible problem and are sorting it out free of charge. As far as I'm aware there have been no failures of this screw - it's a precautionary measure and they should be applauded for acting so swiftly.

    Unlike Triumph who refused to accept that there was a massive, fundamental flaw with the R/R units on 10's of 1000's of their bikes... (ps - I still love Triumph but...)
  17. In vehicles, whether to buy a gen 1 or a gen 3 or whatever depends on many things.

    Gen 1 will be closer to the original designer's concept and will usually give a "purer" experience.

    Gen 1 will be the collectable one a few years down the line.

    Gen 3 will actually work properly for more of the time and will probably be generally easier to live with day to day.

    If you buy with your heart, go with gen 1. If with your head, go with gen 3.
  18. Band wagon...jump on it...
  19. Did you ever notice that Cazzo only ever pops up when some says the D word? LOL! Settle pettal.......
  20. Speaking about bandwagons, they seem to be very common, I saw two yesterday.

    You seem to pay a lot for the same bike other guys are on.