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Panic Stations - No AMCN!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mjt57, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Any of you guys got the latest AMCN yet? Due out yesterday, none of the newsagents or supermarkets here who sell it have it.

    And yes, despite us being out in the sticks, the bush, the boondocks, the outback, etc. we get it the same day as you guys in the Big Smoke.

    I was hoping to casually photocopy a couple of items in it and leave them lying around, accidentally for SWMBO to discover and to think, "Ah, that's a darned good idea for a present. I wonder if he might like one. As if.."
  2. Got mine fromthe local newsagent yesterday afternoon. Good read, lots of naked bikes in there
  3. Gee mate, you're missing out. I got mine yesterday. Biggest issue ever and it's a true-blue bottler.

    In fact, I might go and read some more of mine now... :twisted:
  4. To Loz, I hope that it bursts into flames on you, particularly if you like reading it in the smallest room in da house....


  5. As i read that and got to the word NAKED, i was expecting GIRLS next, but was disappointed :cry:
  6. I've had this happened to me when I used to work in the wilds of Gippsland.

    From what I gather the distribution company that handles all the "Packer" mags (which includes things like Auto Action, Wheels & Motor) doesn't do a Thursday run so if they miss the boat (so to speak) on Wednesday then it wont arrive until Friday.

    This has been a problem for a while for those of us silly enough to buy Auto Action every week and has many pages on various car related forums on the subject.
  7. It arrived at my newsagent this morning, but I didn't have a chance to pick it up. Later.
  8. But DID YOU NOTICE that the post with the word NAKED in it was followed immediately by a post from Loz???? :LOL:
  9. Did somebody say nyudity?
  10. I bought mine today, I'm thinking of going out an buying a second one and throwing it straight into the bin unread. :p
  11. It's now Friday (for those who are chronologically challenged..) and still NO AMCN.

    I might have to write a stern letter to Matho...

    Seriously, we usually get it the day that it's due. Newsagents have no idea what's happening.
  12. Mine has been sitting in my PO Box since thursday... and I neglected to pick it up till today!

    Ha ha. I will be reading my issue while sitting in traffic this arvo! (no bike today)
  13. Ahh yes. There is a small article near the front explaining that a number of copies meant for Victoria were accidently and wrongly forwarded to Queensland.
    They are working to remedy the situation.
  14. wow... thats the best edition ever... mega cool!!!

    I love the article on page 30.... How classic is that!!!

    thats a keeper...
  15. Martin,

    I work for a Newsagent and can send you a copy express post if ya like.

    You foot the bill for postage and i'll ship it for ya.