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pancake foot anyone?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by damien613, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I was waiting patiently at the lights this morning as an old lady decided to roll right up next to me and stop on my FOOT!!!!!

    I could not believe it!! It was absolutely killing as you'd expect a car sitting on your foot probably to do, so I was signalling to her move forward whilst screaming out "you're on my foot move move!!!!" (some swear words in there also)

    she was blankly staring at me while I'm in pain, so I punch her front gaurd whilst repeating "MOVE FORWARD YOU'RE ON MY FOOT!!"

    she finally moves forward and my foot is free.. I knew nothing was broken, but knew it'll probably bruise up. light goes green and we go, I get next to her still shaking my foot and she had had a strong italian accent dribbling some shit at me and than puts window up to ignore me as I'm trying to explain to her that she was sitting on my foot!!

    anyway aggravated and couldn't careless about creating a scene I gave one last aggravated smack to the window and ride off (probably not necessary - but neither was rolling forward at the lights to be so close to me and land on my foot!)

    end of rant.
  2. How on earth did she get close enough to end up on your foot? Had you split between cars, then stayed betweenlanes while stopped at the lights, instead of moving over in front of a car on one lane or the other?

    A car would have to tuck under my handlebars to be able to end up on my foot. But then I can only get the ball of my foot on the ground. I can't flat foot, and I certainly can't stick my feet out far from the bike.

    BTW, any amount of damage to a car is allowed while they are on your foot, but none once they move. The poor woman obviously had no idea what was going on. But she wasn't speeding, so it was all okay. :twisted:
  3. +1
  4. well I did split the lane to be front of lane - however moved into the lane though was not dead centre of it. we sat there for a good minute with everything all good, and than she rolled forward onto me.

    I was "relaxing" at the lights, ie. had the bike in neutral legs somewhat sprawled out keeping me upright, hence I guess my foot was out in the open.

    anyway I look at it now and think it was actually funny... my foot feels fine, lets hope it still is tomorrow for my run and stays ok for gold coast half ironman in 2 weeks time!
  5. The lights are not a place to relax grasshopper. Next time that happens get the rego, she left the scene of an accident.
  6. It worries me that people like this are on the roads.

    I had to help a customer to their car the other day... she could hardly lift anything and she is allowed to commandeer a two tonne machine!!!

    That's called manslaughter in waiting.
  7. Mhmm.. yet if they kill a pedestrian or run over a motorcyclist or when not if they injure someone, on the road they would be let off as it would be an accident.
    However if it was a 25 year old in the exact same circumstance, you would be locked up for 10 + years for culpable driving.
    We are NOT allowed to get a licence untill 18 because our brains (they say) are not developed enough and our understanding and reactions time are not up to par... why are these 80 + year olds who cant walk, dont know where they are, cant stay in their lane, drive 50kmh under the speed limit allowed to keep theres!!!
    Now im not saying all old drivers are bad drivers, some are great drivers, i dont care if your 120 if you can keep your sheepskinned upholstered camry complete with bowling hat on the parcel shelf in your own lane, at the speed limit and are coherent with road rules good on you :D
    but if you struggle to navigate on foot, dont know what your doing and your a general danger to society what the hell are you doing in the right hand lane of the eastern freeway doing 65kmh with your left hand indicator on for 15kms...
    oh but wait, we must remember police are there to catch the real criminals - speeders...
    Now im not talking about your average joe blow copper, i feel sorry for alot of them and the flack they cop, they are ordered to meet quota from higher up...
    I've even had a few i know personally state that its easier and stress free to sit in the median and book people and make quota (on themselves) and not have to worry about there job - i dont blame them, then getting out there and stopping violence, robbers, domestics etc.. - patrol units that is..
    Cars and motorbikes alike have come along way, speed does not kill, un educated brain dead moronic drivers kill...
    Butttt it would cost money to train a nation, and to up speed limits and have generally alert safe drivers..
    It reels them money to have bad drivers and blame speed and rake in millions upon millions per year.
    Now we are being told we shouldnt drink, and are even considering fining clubs and pubs..
    Once again idiot with alcohol = dangerous = fines = money
    idiot with car = dangerous = fines = money
    Properly trained drivers, higher speed limits to help maintain awareness = much safer.
    Properly trained people with the effects of alcohol and extra police to enforce = much safer.
    Buuuut guess which ones here to stay...
    I'll stop my rant now...
  8. You kinda answered your own question in a way. Your short and therefore you can't stick your feet out far from the bike. Tall people can do this and occaisionally get their feet rolled over by motorists, like the OP :p