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Pammys new shoes......

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by oz_johnno, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. My girl gets new shoes today.

    This makes the second set of PR2's I have put on her this year, shes developing a bit of a shoe fetish I fear.

    My mission this w/e is to wipe the smile off the michalin mans face

    Big deal I hear you say, but I get quite excited about new rubber, dont you ?

  2. Not when I need to put sport touring tyres on a supersport because as a student I can't afford to replace tyres every 4,000 kays.

    Although going from worn Supercorsas to new PR2s was quite the confidence boost, and probably made me quicker just due to psychological factors.
  3. Naaaah dont worry bout it mitch, the PR2's are a good tyre and they warm up well and grip pretty damn well too.


    Im not the fastest out there, but I dont think I ride like a nanna either :)

    people tell me Im crazy for putting 98 in my tank, but I reckon a lot of people out there dump more money into tyres than they need to as well.

    when you balence it up, you might decide the that the poofteenth (note technical engineering term) more grip you actually get out of the supercorsa's might not be worth the shitty milage you get out of them.

    Its all about balence......

  4. I'm running a PR2 on the back of the TRX at the moment, I quite like it, think I'll get one for the front soon too! ;)

    How many k's did you get out of your last set?
  5. bout 3 supercorsa's worth (12000km)

    and they were just about down to the wear marks......

  6. Unless you are regularly doing track days Road 2's are perfect for commuting and flogging through the hills, the stickiest tyres are all well and good if you are Rossi and or have enough cash to replace sets every couple of months but for most riders they are just not needed. Road 2's are soft on the side where you need it the most anyway, just the centre is harder to cope with the straight stuff.
  7. Well said sir.....

  8. Cant wait to give em a floggin next time we 'swappsies' matey!
  9. LOVE getting new tyres, there's something very satisfying about looking down at them after your first run and seeing how far up the edges you've managed to scuff them :LOL:.
  10. Had a quick look on the web and it appears PR's don't come in sizes for smaller bikes like my gs500f.
    Oh well, will replace mine with the same that's on there in the next couple of thousand k's. Think only rear will need replacing as front looks quite good but I'll get advise if it's better to change both.
    Done over 11,000 k at the moment. Not sure if that's good or bad.
  11. It's good because you're keeping your costs down, bad if you want to get into an 'I can wear a tyre out in 5 minutes I'm so fast' argument :LOL:
  12. Bugger mate.......

    11,000 is pretty good all the same....... especially from OEM tyres, I barely got 7000 out of mine (and that was stretching the friendship, they were rooted after 5000)
  13. Well that was my reasoning, I have yet to get to the limit of the PR2s yet and plus the Pirelli's were terrible in the wet. Not good when a bike is your only form of transport!
  14. mitch, mate I ride every day....... no probs with the PR2's in the wet at all :)

    Great all round tyre